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I mean.



It used to be a hard no. I tried so many socials, and failed each in a grand way. Nothing worked, nothing was doing anything for my books, so I would just shrug it away and do nothing.

Then, when I started to inch back into the writing world, I realized something.

I am my books.

Nobody knew me.

Ergo, no one knew my books.

I was missing the most important part of this entire writing thing (beside the books, obviously): the connection with readers, and that such connection doesn’t have to be personal. My writing has to connect with them.

And so I started rebuilding not only how I saw social media, but my entire platform as well.

Was I lost.

Yep. Blindly.

Enter great people I’m lucky to know from various forums I’m part of, where professionals started to guide me on how to make this entire thing work with a reasonable effort.

And honestly, since then, I’m enjoying myself a lot more.

I’m part of a few hops that not only stretch my writing muscles, but also open my writing to a lot more people. I’m learning how to use FB better, and I like where it’s all going.

More than that, I’m actually proud of what I did.

You want to chuckle?

Ok, so check this out. This here is one of the thing I’m the most proud of because I’m telling you, to make that little thing happen I had to stretch my knowledge in computer technology. But I made it!

Go ahead, check it out. I’ll wait.

You saw that? That is cool isn’t it?

I made it!

So, yes, I might say I like social media, low key.

What about you?


  1. As an introvert, social media isn’t easy. With my third book coming out this spring, I’m also doing a bit of rebuilding and making better use of my platforms. You were one of the first people kind enough to host me on your blog. I wish you all the best!!!

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    • I’m happy I could help! I’m not an introvert, necessarily, more like someone who saw the entire social media as a waste of time. Why would I spend there the time I could use to write books? And why would people care? The waste of time was real, but because of how I was using socials – wrong. Now I use them to actually do some extra writing, and I have to say, I like it. I hope you’ll come and try one of these Mondays. It’s actually fun!


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