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An extract from my She Came With the Tide, which will have a brand new cover and some restyling soon.

I love Erik. He’s one of my favorite heroes of mine and was a blast writing him. And Andrea, she was so brave.

It’s a longer post than I first had planned, but this is such pivot scene I couldn’t cut it in half…

I hope you enjoy!

“Thank you for everything, Erik. It’s more than anyone has ever done for me.” She had to stop and clear her voice. Those words burned and scorched more than a thousand flames. “It’s time for me to leave. I’m sure you understand.” 

He ran steady fingers through his pale gold mane, scratched his head, and frowned as he looked outside for a second. “You can be sure I don’t.”

“I’m sorry about that, but–” 

“But what? Is it the itch of the road? Because believe me, baby, I know all about that.”

“No, it’s not that.” 

He opened his arms wide. “Then what the hell is it? All the secrecy, the half words.” He walked to the fridge, took a bottle of cranberry juice, closed the door with a slam that made the inside of the fridge rattle. “I opened my house to you.”

“I didn’t ask you to.” 

“Right. My bad. Regardless, I deserve a teeny-tiny bit of trust. Or, at the very least, a goodbye.” He leaned down until their eyes leveled. “You were sneaking out, weren’t you, Pixie?”


“Lousy, lousy liar.”

“Why are you so mad?” she managed and was surprised to see the same question in his eyes. 

“Just because.” Damned if she let the tears go, even if his eyes had lost the heat of anger and turned a soft blue. Even if he stretched his hand only to brush it along her cheek. “I know you’re in trouble. Trust me, Andrea. Please.” 

“Why?” she managed through a shaky voice. “Why are you going through all this trouble for me?”

He shrugged.  That made her chuckle through the tears. “That’s not an answer.”

“Neither are yours.”

She closed her eyes. Tired, she was so tired. Of running, of loneliness, of fear.

What he offered was not a solution because there wasn’t any. But he offered some relief, support, a shoulder that would help to take the edge off the past years and it was more than she’d ever had.

Andrea took his hand, big and warm, and strong, in hers. “Come sit with me.”

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