Do #Seasons Impact my #Writing ? #MacKade #BlogHop #Seasons #AuthorsLife

Yes, they do.

It two different ways.

1- Summer in Florida is stupid hot.

Of course it’s beautiful because the Ocean is amazing, and the beach, and not wearing clothes is normal to the point where restaurants have signs that you have to have flips flops and a t-shirt on to get in. In the 11 years I’ve lived here, my feet have lost sense of what actual shoes are, and get deeply offended when I attempt wearing tennis shoes.

There is this feeling of a perpetual vacation that is undeniably good for the spirit. Pool after work. Beach on the weekends. A 365 days tan.


But, but, but.

It’s hot.

It. Is. Hot.

Like, sweating from your eyeballs hot.

Like running from an AC place to another as fast as you can hot.

Plus, I have MS, and MS doesn’t do well in the heat.

When we moved here there was an idea of seasons (humid and not humid, if you’re wondering). My son’s mid-October birthday marked the point where we had made it to paradise. No humidity and decent temperature (which is anything under 75). I had those months to reset my system, and things were okay.
In the past few years, though, that safety point stretched into December and even then, we still get easily in the 80.

The result is that my MS doesn’t get any break and I become kind of stupid. My brain gets muddy and hazy, and I struggle concentrate.

It gets so hot sometimes the AC almost never stops, and I keep a nice 77 in the house.

I tire doing nothing, everything is heavy, and hot and uh.

Writing gets nearly impossible.

Because summer is stupid.

2- School is out.

And it’s not that having my son home is a hardship. He’s 9, he has stuff he does, then camps help for a week or two. It’s actually easier because my little one just runs after her big brother and with him she gets a lot more entertainment than me alone.

Mom is kind of boring ’cause she likes safe things.

But with no school, a good, solid routine is missing.

Everything is up there, everything is possible because we have time and nothing to do (I would definitely have things to do but somehow they get bypassed).


heat + no school = not much writing done.

I try to organize things so that I do the bulk of writing when school is on, but it can get complicated.

What about you?

Do season impact what you do work-wise?


  1. Even though illness isn’t a factor, too much heat and humidity are unbearable to me. People always kind of chuckled when I said I could cheerfully retire to Vermont, my favorite place, but it’s hardly ever hot there and I’m good with that. It didn’t happen, but I still think about it.

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  2. When I was a teenager we took a holiday to Florida in August. I can’t believe Im going to write this after my conribtution to the blog hop this week, but those daily rains storms at 4 pm ish were blissful. 🥵

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    • They are. Although, then it’s over and humidity gets even worse. I’m telling you, I’m so over sweating. I loved your post so much! I could hear your voice (which I don’t know🤣) saying that “obviously”. It cracked me up!

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