My Thoughts of New Year Resolutions #BlogHop #ReadingCommunity #WritingCommunity

It’s a big no for me, thank you.
The thing is, usually, NY resolutions are about a big deal and I need to be ready to commit myself to whatever.
I need to feel, deeply, it’s the right time and I’m in the right moment.
I have to be very honest with myself, but that’s not an issue.
At that point, when I’m ready, I start working on what I want to change and I’m unbudgeable. I don’t sway, I don’t get distracted and by all means, I’m a lost cause to temptations.
If I decide I don’t want to eat chocolate and I’m ready to commit, you can be sure, 100%, I will not have chocolate. Ever. Well, until I decide I can have it again.
Deadlines and planning are where I give my best (it goes without saying I’m a plotter, not a pantser. I get anxious only thinking about starting a book without knowing where it all goes and when something happens).
(Also, not one for surprises).
Funnily enough. I am changing a lot of things right now (Check out my FB Grpus for more), writing-wise, and it’s happening with the new year, but I’ve been working toward those changes and new ventures for the better part of 6 months now and it all coalesced now when it happens to be New Year.
Did I plan for that?
Nope, but it happened this way.
Now tell me, are you for NY Resolutions? How is your experience with those?

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  1. I enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions as more of a tradition, but the reality is, you can make goals for yourself at any time of year! Whenever you choose! You got it! But, I don’t think I could ever NOT eat chocolate. That’ll never be a goal for me! lol Good luck with your writing this year! 🙂

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  2. I love this! Fellow plotter here (and also, fellow surprise hater), and I can relate to the anxiety of not knowing what the story will be or how it will end before you’ve even begun. However, I am trying to give it ago – just writing and seeing where it takes me.

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  3. Hi! I love your post! I am currently working on my self-discipline because I am very much into planning and have become derailed in the past. My goals and plans are not resolutions, though. I do not think I could stop eating chocolate! I have plans for a healthier diet, but everything can fit in moderation for me.

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  4. It definitely needs to be the right time for me. It also helps me if I don’t focus on the resolution itself, but on what positive thing made me want to make that resolution in the first place.

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