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It’s got to be good.

2023, I mean.

I don’t hope it’s gonna be good, I don’t know it’s gonna be good.

It just has to be good.

Because 2022 was weird and and not always in a good way, but it made me regroup a time or two, recalculate the road, and now, off we go. Some hurt a lot, some I could breeze past, but it all piled up to where I was not burned out, but I was scolded.

Enter Tennessee.

We spent a week in the Tennessee mountains over New Year and it was the break I (and my family) needed.

Kayaking on a half frozen lake, snowballs, bonfires so tall they could be spotted from Nashville. Hot chocolate and cold hands.

Such a powerful clean-up for the soul.

Once back at home, I will admit that once the post-travel mess was dealt with and I was left with the everyday stuff, it took me a moment to even remember what I was doing in December. Let alone what I wanted to do in January.

And now that all things are (sort of) back on track (thank you, google calendar, for acting like the brain-in-chief and being there to tell me what to do and when to do it) I am excited.

I have a re-release of a book I loved writing – Valkyrie Love – tat’s currently in the hand of my publisher for a make-over.

I have the release of a cool story based in New Orleans that will be part of an anthology.

I’m in another amazing collection I really really wanted to be in.

The articles for the contributor blog I’m part of, Hazardous To My Sanity (check it out, it’s very good)

The various blog hop I’ll hop on (pun intended).

All that makes it for a whole lot of writing and oh, how I missed it.

I feel energized, I feel ready.

I feel good (cue in James Brown’s I Got You song because I’m totally doing it, and it’s LOUD).

So, I’m ready.

2023 it’s gotta be good!


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