My #review of Holiday Spice (Shaughnessy Brother 6) by Samantha Chase

Per usual, I’m not telling you what the book is about because blurbs are there for that, and the author stressed out a lot to write it so let’s respect her stress and use it.

Now. The book was ok.

I read the first book in the series and I kind of liked it, so I decided to read the last one because what else?

I did not like Darcy.

She is, in fact, a brat.

I agreed with Ben about 100% of the time.

It needs to be said I have the same feeling for family ties as a cat has for water – family and I don’t go exactly hand in hand. And no, I’m not like that for some unknown/untreated trauma. I just don’t particularly care for shackles and family dynamics are, often, just shackles in disguise.

That is to say that Darcy’s family would drive me up the wall within 5 minutes. I’d be running for air, and set those boundaries up real quick.

Ben, I understand where he’s coming, from but I do hope he’ll put up some rules up front.

Let’s get to the technical part.

The writing is ok. It’s clean, and clear, and things make sense. It doesn’t stand out particularly, but you do get in the story. It might b one of those cases where the author is good enough to really disappear within the story.

Personal preferences aside, the characters are well-defined and are not talking cardboards.

Also, I liked how the author made the character dig deep into their hangups. It carried well along the story.

The thing that troubled me is that we don’t really know how they fixed a few endings. Where they lived was a big deal to both and it was dealt like, “oh, we are so in love, whatever”.

Well, no.

I feel like the problem was not solved after we spent the entire book stressing how important it was to both.

Is it cheesy? Yes. Sometimes it really is.

Enough to be a bother. No, not really. You do expect some of it from this series.

Would I read other books n this series?

Maybe. There are a couple of brothers that intrigue me so maybe I will.

This one is, for me 3 stars.

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