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When the Heart Brings You Home by Robin Maderich released November 1 in the Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance genre.

When the Heart Brings You Home, A Connor Falls Christmas Collection, is a heartwarming collection of three holiday novellas, all set in the small town of Connor Falls, Pennsylvania during the Christmas season, and each a story of family and love with a touch of romance.

Winter Light – a troubled little girl brings the Christmas Spirit back to her struggling single father and the woman he once kissed many years ago.

Light the Heart Home – two sisters with secrets reunite at Christmas, prodding old wounds and finding healing love.

Home for the Holidays – all Susan Hardwick wants is to find her way back home.

Comfort. Joy. Romance. Welcome to Connor Falls.



Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Ub1gj7

B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/when-the-heart-brings-you-home-a-connor-falls-christmas-collection-robin-maderich/1141588654?ean=9781734541977

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/when-the-heart-brings-you-home


First published by Warner Books’ Popular Library, Robin Maderich has written numerous romance novels, from historical to contemporary paranormal, as Robin Maderich, Celia Ashley and Alyssa Deane. Ms. Maderich resides in Pennsylvania, the locale and inspiration for many of her stories. She is an avid fan of historical fact and fiction, as well as the infinite realm of possibilities.

What is the thing you likes about Christmas in the least.

I love Christmas, love ninety-nine percent of everything about it. I have to be plain about this truth. It’s not just a stand I’m taking (I swear). Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. I expend a lot of energy and effort making the season special, making it last, diving into the heart of the present one, looking forward to the next. 

So, when asked to reveal what I like least about the holiday, I felt a little twinge of: say what? A bit of uh-oh, could there be anything I don’t like? Am I going to sound like Scrooge if I say it? Of course, Scrooge found redemption, and I suppose so shall I following my upcoming, curmudgeonly and only complaint about Christmas. (Well, except for the fact it is such a short season. But, as Scrooge said, thanks to Dickens and the ghostly visitations he troubled that poor old man with, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”) 

Here goes. My least favorite thing about Christmas is the shopping. Not the gift-giving. I love giving something special to those I care about and even to those I do not know. Charity is a wonderful soother of the soul and helps so many, after all. No, it’s the shopping. The stress involved in decision-making, in agonizing over thegift, the balancing act where said gifts are weighed against each other and found wanting. The whole Black Friday thing makes me shudder. I know people who plan the day, proceed undaunted into the crushing world in a group with friends or family or solo, enjoying the frightful parking, eating lunch or dinner or sometimes both, elbow-to-elbow with—gulp—strangers, reveling in the madness… Truly, that’s a talent and its very own gift. One I don’t want to be given. Fortunately, I don’t know how one would go about bestowing the love of shopping on someone who, well, doesn’t possess it, doesn’t want it, would rather slam their foot in a door. Hypnosis, maybe? 

And yet (yes, I am about to step down off my high horse), the whole shopping thing is and can be a wonderful tradition to those who have the stamina, the cheerful enough outlook, the wherewithal to make a list and stick with it, or not to care if the list is abandoned. I say to you, every one, Merry Christmas! It’s all good. It really is.

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