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A Voice In The Air by Daryl Devoré released yesterday in the medieval fantasy genre.

Leading an army of faeries and pixies into battle against mountain trolls was not what Cadi expected when she accepted the task of rescuing Ewen – the son of the Overseer of the Faeries.

Squire Ewen followed his liege into battle with a head full of romantic notions of knights, heroics, and damsels in distress. Being captured by a troll, thrown into a cave, and awaiting a hideous death was not how he had foreseen his adventure to play out.

Can Ewen stay out of trouble long enough for Cadi to rescue him? Will Cadi overcome her doubts and fears and bring her beloved Ewen home to Plucks Ridge?

Or will the petty evilness of The Scorned One defeat all and destroy the magickal realm?

If you love action, humour, quirky characters, and romance, then Daryl Devoré’s latest medieval fantasy romance – A Voice in the Air – is a must read.


A blade of grass tickled the back of Cadi’s neck as she lay on the side of the hill. Eventide was falling. The clouds, coloured an angry red, swirled about the sky. A breeze brushed across her face. A hint of a hearth’s wood smoke scented the air. Snuggling deeper into her cloak, she sat up. Her gaze swept across the horizon. Rolling hills tinged with the hues of the harvest season. Deer grazed nearby, ever alert for the sound of a hunter. Far to her right rested the ancient ruins of a Keep. Legends said it was once the home of a magickal people who had fled the area generations ago. She again scanned the vista. No Ewen. Her warrior.

He had ridden south with his liege to battle with demons so large and fierce, even the land shook when they walked. Both knights and villagers rode together, vowing to slay the hideous beasts.

Worry filled Cadi’s thoughts. Ewen and the others were not the first to attempt to defeat the creatures. While serving ale in the tavern, she listened to the rumours whispered by the men. The beasts dined on man, crunching their bones as if they were made of dried twigs. They stole babes from their mother’s breast. No weapon, sword, or arrow could pierce the callous flesh that covered their grotesque bodies.

Cadi trembled. Ewen was just a squire. How could he slay such a creature? He was cunning and brave, but a demon was still a demon.

Nightly, she knelt in the church, praying for Ewen’s safety. Daily, she sang a song of protection as Enfys had instructed. Still no Ewen.

Would he return?

A brisk wind rustled the fallen leaves, settling a rawness on Cadi’s shoulders. She shuddered as if the icy fingers of death gripped her heart.

The Author

Two writers in one. Daryl Devoré writes hot romances with sexy heroes and strong heroines and sweet romances with little to no heat. She has several published books available on Amazon in ebook or print, and available at other book retailers via Books2Read.

Daryl (@daryldevore) lives in an old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and 2 cats. Daryl loves to take long walks on her quiet country road or snowshoe across the back acres, and in the summer, kayak along the St. Lawrence River. She has touched a moon rock, a mammoth, and a meteorite. She’s been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, and used the ladies room in a royal palace. Life’s an adventure and Daryl’s having fun living it.

How did A Voice in the Air come about?

Well – I am a moderator at a critique group. And the group has become very quiet. Lots of people join saying they want to improve their writing then we never hear from them again. So, I got the idea to post “prompts” – pictures or words to inspire a short story. 

Just a simple idea to get the members writing. Only a few did. So, I eventually gave up on the idea. But! Not before 1 special day. 

Each month I posted 3 different photos and in October 2020, this is one of the ones I posted.

A story idea popped into my head. I quickly wrote it. Then – to my amazement – I realized I had just written the prologue to my next medieval fantasy romance. I had no idea I was going to write another one. The Last Dragon was my first attempt at a medieval fantasy romance and it’s a pretty good book. So, I settled down at my laptop and let my fingers dance over the keyboard. The result – A Voice in the Air.


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