#BeTheChange #ClimateCrisis #Climate #FixtheEarth

University of Miami just released a study that, if there’s no action, downtown Miami will be under water within 2 to 3 decades. Ian just destroyed a chunk of Florida while California burns on a regular basis. Pakistan was flooded and Europe, the tamest place on Earth weather-wise, was taken in a chokehold grip by a heat wave.

And what are we doing? What are we doing?

Not enough. And I am well aware it’s not simply a problem of us, the nobodies who keep being taken in between interests of the mighty and powerful, and a fed up Earth.

As usual, our best weapon is voting, along with learning what to do to help.

Following is this year’s list of all the major disasters. Nine months.

Nine. Months.

I took this picture from Yale Climate Connection website, and I really think it’s worth taking a look at it.

Here’s a list of books to understand, learn, and get even more involved into helping this little planet we’re living on.

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