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Haunted Ends: Soul Searcher by Elizabeth Price released in August in the Paranormal Mystery genre.

“On Halloween night, the newly remodeled Juniper Hotel celebrates its grand reopening. That night, the hotel’s new owner, Rocky Rapaport, learns there’s more to the haunted hotel than he bargained for. A dark mystery is hidden within the walls of the old hotel, and it’s up to Rocky, his ghostly partner, Sam, and the Haunted Ends team to save the hotel from demonic destruction.

Meanwhile, the Haunted Ends television show sets off on an RV road trip across the Arizona desert. The cast takes a detour camping trip to Quartzite to explore the mysterious legend of the Red Ghost. After, they continue on to Flagstaff to investigate a haunted hotel with an unusual history.”

The cashier proceeded to ring up the umbrellas. “This is some weather we’re having. Stocking up?” she asked.

“We’re hosting a big party tonight and I don’t want my guests soaked,” Rocky explained.

 She took up the umbrellas, smirking when she came across the smiley face one. She held it up in question.

“For a friend,” Rocky returned. 

“I take it your friend has a big funny bone?” she asked.

“Well… ah,” Rocky paused, uncertain how to answer the question. “He… used to. Long story.”

“Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere? You’re on TV, aren’t you?” she asked with excitement.

“Well, yes. Haunted Ends. We’re shooting a Halloween show at the Juniper tonight, down the street,” he mentioned.

“$218.72,” she tallied. He handed her a credit card, and she ran it. “Is it true that that old hotel is haunted? I’ve heard rumors,” she asked as she handed back his card.

“Sam, you want to answer her?” he asked, stirring Sam from his bubble gum fantasies.

He floated over to Rocky, setting a pack of gum on the counter. “You wouldn’t happen to have this in wintergreen, would you? I have a serious case of corpse-breath,” he asked.

The cashier’s bottom jaw dropped to her chest. 

Rocky gathered his bags of umbrellas. “Yes, it’s haunted,” he returned. “Sam.” He motioned they were leaving.

Sam followed Rocky from the store, not bothering to look at the cashier. He and Rocky had played the same game so many times before, he knew the woman would remain in shock for at least a half-hour. Good thing for her there weren’t many customers in the store.

“It’s a power trip for you, isn’t it?” Sam accused.

“After years…” he quickly opened the van door, slipping inside. He tossed the bags of umbrellas into the back of the van while he adjusted his wet jacket. “Uh.” He flipped the water off the top of his spiky white hair then rung the water from his long ponytail. “Right… yes, it is. After years of being called a freak for seeing ghosts, I can finally have my revenge.”

He turned to the passenger’s seat, noticing Sam watching him. “Let me guess, you want to point out this is one of those times it’s good not to have a body?”

“Actually, I was curious why you bought eighteen umbrellas and didn’t think to use one,” Sam mentioned.

Rocky stared blankly at Sam for a long moment, then glanced at the bags of umbrellas. “Son-of-a-BITCH!”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Elizabeth Price is a native of Southern California. From a young age, she enjoyed researching the paranormal, unexplainable, and urban myths. This curiosity manifested into her love of mysteries and science fiction – which later led to her career as a writer.  Elizabeth graduated California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She spends her free time with her husband, Michael, at the beach, exploring haunted locations and urban myths, and you can often find her visiting her favorite mouse-owned theme park. 

Can you tell us more about the main characters? 

Rocky Rappaport and Sam Thomas are the stars of this story. Though, if you ask them which one is the main character, it might get ugly quickly. Sam is a typically ghost-about-town who can’t help but get into mischief now and again. He does try to help his pal, Rocky, as best as he can, yet it can be tricky since he doesn’t have a body. 

Rocky has his hands full running a haunted hotel and being the star of a hit television show. On top of that, his crazy ex-wife always has him jumping through hoops over something. And then there’s Sam, with whom he has a love/hate relationship. Sam has saved his life a few times now, but he certainly complicates matters at times. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorelizabethprice

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/esprice 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaosonpaper2/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaosonpaper

Website: https://espwriter.com/


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