Be the Change #Refugees #HumanRights #Migration #Humanity #RefugeeStories

After what DeSantis did, I think it’s appropriate facing the problem. These are all stories, all real and all heartbreaking, to understand a little better what it means for these people lo leave.

I am an immigrant. I came here almost 10 years ago but my journey was not like the ones in the books. My journey was one of wanderlust, of thirst of adventure, of knowing and learning something else, something different and away from the comfort of my country.

I’ve never feared for my life. I’ve never gone hungry. I came here to make myself better through experiences, not because otherwise I would die. I’ve never seen the only home I’ve even known destroyed, my family vanished or worse.

These people need to be heard, understood. We need to see their horror through their eyes, an horror we cannot understand, try feel what they felt. It’s hard and we won’t like it, but we need to.

For more on the subject, visit this website

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