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Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted releases today in the legal triller, women’s fiction genre.

A disgraced attorney seeking redemption. A single mother desperate to regain custody of her son. Two women willing to risk it all to put a sexual predator behind bars.

Former Assistant District Attorney Miranda Quinn is on the brink of a career comeback when she gets a phone call. It’s a witness who disappeared three years earlier, resulting in a violent criminal going free. Miranda got fired as a result, but the witness has re-surfaced with a shocking story to tell; one that implicates Miranda and her ex, defense attorney Adam Baxter. And now, there’s a new victim.

Miranda’s legal advice blog-turned-podcast Miranda Writes is about to become a daytime TV show, but the negative press could destroy her credibility. Will the network stand behind her?

When it comes to the law, Miranda has all the answers, but the questions are getting harder and the stakes are getting higher. The dangerous web of lies and cover-ups she exposes leaves her questioning just how much she is willing to risk. She has the right to remain silent, but needs to speak up… doesn’t she?

Miranda Writes is a story of how far we’ll go to protect those we love and the power of second chances.



Satisfied with how the day had gone so far, I decided to treat myself to a bowl of lobster bisque and a couple of cheddar bay biscuits. I drove down to the harbor to Nemo’s. I had beaten the lunch crowd, and I snagged princess parking right near the entrance. I hustled inside, planning to get my food and eat at one of the picnic tables on the waterfront dock.

The smell of fried seafood and Old Bay seasoning was so welcoming, I almost swooned. After a brief wait, I placed my order and was given one of those little table placards and told my food would be delivered to me. Number twenty-three, my lucky number!

My luck held out as I chose a prime spot and received my order promptly. The bisque was heavenly, thick and rich and dotted with chunks of fresh lobster. I was about to dive into my second biscuit when my view of the water was obscured by a large shape hunkering smack in front of me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. HIM! I gulped down some water before I found my voice. I would be cool, professional, detached. Or not.

“What the fuck do you want, you kidnapping pervert?” I hissed at my former boyfriend. So much for cool.

Adam’s face broke into a wide smile. The years had been kind to him. Only three years, but still. He was lean and tan. His smile was dazzling. His eyes were the same chocolate brown as I remembered. I used to lose myself in those eyes. His wavy dark brown hair was trimmed short and there were a few silver threads making their appearance. The same sort of silver threads I had been coloring out of my hair for years. Men can get away with so much, I thought. It’s not fair. Adam’s eyes were bright and he let out a low chuckle.

“That’s a mighty wild accusation you’re tossing about there, counselor. Are you still actually practicing law or just ‘Judge Judy-ing’ your way into the hearts and minds of the American public?” I seethed with barely controlled anger.

“I am still licensed to practice law in both Connecticut and Rhode Island, Adam. How about you? Finally made partner, I hear. Who did you have to?” I mimicked giving oral sex when Adam leaned across the table and grabbed my arm to stop me. I pulled back in surprise and he let go. We both stared at each other for a long moment.

“What do you want?” I asked slowly, enunciating every word. “You can’t just come here and—”

He chuckled again and reached over for my biscuit. My last biscuit. He took a large bite and crumbled the remains into tiny bits. I glared at him. “You owe me a biscuit, you jerk.” As well as a witness, I almost added, but kept silent. It was possible he didn’t know about my early morning meeting with Becky. But of course, he knew.

We are talking today with Miranda Quinn, a former Assistant District Attorney, who has turned a legal advice blog and weekly podcast into a daytime TV show. Welcome Miranda!

Miranda: Thank you for having me, but the TV show hasn’t actually aired yet; we’re shooting the pilot episode next month. Fingers crossed.

Well this must be a very exciting time for you.

Miranda: Yes, I am thrilled with the support that I have received from the Sterling Broadcast Group and all the sponsors. And of course, my family and friends.

Our listeners are dying to know how you got started.

Miranda: After I left the District Attorney’s office, I created a legal advice blog. I helped a neighbor with a landlord dispute and it made me remember how much I loved helping people. So I wrote it up and posted it online. I got an enthusiastic response so I posted another, then another. And here we are. 

But wasn’t there a long period of time between leaving your job and actually starting the blog?

Miranda: Ummm…. Yeah, I’ll admit there were a few dark days back then, camped out on my dad’s couch. Lots of ice cream and even more wine, ha ha. Wait, can we cut that? I would rather focus on the TV show.

No worries we’ll edit that out before it airs. So that must have been very stressful for you.

Miranda: Well, sure but I was lucky. I had my dad‘s support and friends I could trust. 

Moving on, what are you most afraid of?

Failure. I failed big time when my last case as a prosecutor fell apart and a violent criminal went free. With my upcoming TV show, I hope there will be enough viewers so we don’t get canceled right after the pilot airs. That would really suck. Sorry, that would stink. 

I love your brand…Miranda Writes. Like you have the right to remain silent… Clever, how did you come up with that?

Miranda: Soon after I started blogging, I was drinking wine with my best friend Tracey. And she was reading my latest post and said- ‘well, wouldja look at that?  Miranda writes.’ And it stuck. 

What do you like best about your best friend?

I love everything about Tracey. She is the most energetic, enthusiastic and loyal person i have ever known. She has had my back since grade school, knows where all the bodies are buried and she loves me anyway. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

What’s your greatest source of joy? 

When I can help someone to navigate the legal system, to find justice for them. And to see convicted criminals sentenced to long prison terms. 

Didn’t they call you Quinn for the Win when you were with the District Attorney’s office?

Miranda: Wow, I haven’t heard that one for a while. 

If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

Miranda: To see the criminal that walked the last time sentenced to life and a Daytime Emmy would totally rock!

Thank you for being with us today Miranda.


Gail Ward Olmsted was a marketing executive and a college professor before she began writing fiction on a full time basis. A trip to Sedona, AZ inspired her first novel Jeep Tour. Three more novels followed before she began Landscape of a Marriage, a biographical work of fiction featuring landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, a distant cousin of her husband’s, and his wife Mary. Her latest, Miranda Writes, is a contemporary novel with a legal twist featuring former Assistant District Attorney Miranda ‘Randi’ Quinn.  

Olmsted enjoys writing quirky, lovable women in search of a second chance at a happy ever after. For more information, please visit her on Facebook and at GailOlmsted.com.

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