Rose Hawthorne Book 2:The Irish Wanders by Shannon O’Gorman @GoodessFish #books

Rose Hawthorne:The Irish Wanders by Shannon O’Gorman released in March in the mystery, YA genre.

Rose Hawthorne: The Irish Wanders follows Rose, a celebrity author in her early seventies, who dislikes the limelight but does like Hermes scarfs, round violet sunglasses, and old colonial hotels. One day, she receives a letter asking her to visit Newgrange, Ireland and discover something that has been hidden there for a thousand years.

She asks her granddaughter Samantha to accompany her, but she hadn’t expected her to continually post photos of their progress on her Instagram account. An encounter with an old love and an unexpected discovery leads Rose deeper into the past, where she finds she must make a hard decision about her future.

Sam looked at the page that Bill had stopped on. Siobhan had a long, red braid and was shooting arrows up into the sky. How cool, thought Sam. A real Celtic warrior!

“I’ll read this as it is written,” Bill said. “Her father would laugh at her and say she had no interest in peace and happiness, and that she lived for war. One day it came.”

“That sounds a bit ominous.”

Bill began to read again. “Life continued normally for the three girls, until their 16th birthday. On this day, they were ushered into Newgrange for their coming of age ceremony.

For their initiation and journey to adulthood, candles burned inside Newgrange, and the scent of licorice and herbs hung in the air. Both parents were present.”

Sam saw one of the darker pages of the book that Bill held carefully on his lap. Two figures had their hoods up and their serious eyes seemed to glow on the book’s pages. Sam shivered involuntarily.

“So,” said Bill. “The elder Druids had known for a long time that the girls were special. Each had inherited something from the elders.

They sang a lament in an old language at the beginning of the ceremony. Then they sang the ancient chant of transformation and testing began. Dundhara was tested on her knowledge of chants, Eitigh on her understanding of medicines, and Siobhan on her bravery. The girls had success after success. As part of their final rites, they had to repeat words of wisdom their parents recited to them. When they had passed this final test, they were each given a medallion.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Shannon O’Gorman is a retired ESL teacher who has recently completed  her second walk on the Camino de Santiago. She is currently training her dog to accompany her on a Camino one day.  She lives in California with her husband and daughter when university is not in session.



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  1. I like the cover art, synopsis and excerpt, this sounds like a must read book and series for me. Thank you for sharing the author’s bio and book details

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