#BeTheChange #peace #unity #racism #equality

It needs to stop. It needs to change. Everything.

WE need to learn.

Simply, it’s clear that a society based on old ideas – bigotry, racism, misogyny, the cruelest form of capitalism, and the list could sadly go on – is not sustainable.

We all have a different medium we use to learn. Some go to conferences, some watch tv shows, some listen to debates.

Me, I have books. I use them for entertainment, as a way to decompress, and to learn.

So, books is what I’ll use to chip away ignorance, to open my eyes and, hopefully, get better. Right now I’m reading White Fragility and it’s such a brilliant book I wish it was required in school. (Oh, I have a thing or two to say about the book-banning wave, too.)

Every month I’ll make a list of readings on different topics that we desperately need to change.

I hope it’ll make someone read one, as everything always starts from one step. One person. One book.

Because of Juneteenth, I’ll start a list of books about racism.

All have links to book store or author’s website. Remember to alway check https://www.thriftbooks.com, you can buy lots of books for a fraction of the cost it would be, even compared to e-books sometime.

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