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Happy to host these 3 amazing books that made it into an an amazing set.

Two Hearts One Love by Daryl Devoré releases today in the Rock Star, contemporary, romantic suspense.

Erika Bailey, owner/manager of The Pink Flamingo, a drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand has happily settled into all aspects of her life, except for her lack of a love life.

Darien Scott, a Grammy award-winning, international superstar, wants nothing more than to wake up in the arms of the woman he loves. Too bad contractual obligations force him to shoot hot videos with some of Hollywood’s sexiest stars.

Yet, Erika and Darien found a way to each other’s arms.

But between suspecting her father ordered the torching of her club, and her mother’s humiliating drunken behaviour, Erika’s trust in those she loves is crushed. With all her parents put her through, how can she trust Darien?

Concerned for Erika’s safety, Darien races to Bangkok to protect her only to discover his brother is missing. Fearing the worst, he contacts his nemesis, Gan, and makes a repulsive deal that will free his brother and protect Erika’s club. Or so he thinks. Because when Gan is involved, things always go sour. This time is no different, and Darien sinks into a deep depression.

Is Erika’s love enough to pull him back and into her arms forever?

Daryl Devore’s hot rock star romance trilogy – Two Hearts ~ One Love – follows Erika and Darien’s crazy, suspense-filled, passionate adventure through Bangkok, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, a hurricane, a reticulated python, a famous drag queen revue, and a tandem skydive.

And – as an added bonus – exclusive to the box set – a special 2-part interview with Darien Scott.





Darien fell asleep, but it wasn’t a restful snooze. Screams, flying bullets and blood filled his dreams, until the aroma of freshly brewed coffee tickled his nose awake. He opened his eyes. Two green eyes and four brown ones gazed at him.

“Sleep well?” asked Green Eyes. “I’m Sandee. Brian told me he gave you my bed. I bunked in with Stewart.” He sighed.

Darien rubbed his face.

One of the men with brown eyes stepped closer. “Hi. That’s me. I’m Stewart.” The lilt of a British accent filled his voice. “I never believed Brian when he told us who his brother is. I can’t believe you’re here.”

“In my bed.” Sandee grinned.

Darien pushed himself to sit. Then the hangover hit. His stomach flipped while a nuclear bomb exploded inside his head. “Oh fuck.”

“Pul-lease.” Sandee’s grin broadened as he waggled his eyebrows.

The other man held out a tall glass. “Brian said you’d probably need this.”

Darien took the offered glass, peered in, and sniffed. “His hangover cure? Well, it’ll either kill me or cure me. They tried to kill me last night, so what have I got to lose?” He swallowed a mouthful and gagged.

“Drinky. Drinky.” Sandee waved his hand.

Darien inhaled a deep breath, then chugged the last few mouthfuls. He placed the glass on the night table and tossed back the sheets, forgetting he was naked, and being ogled by three gay men, one of whom was obviously excited at his naked presence. Darien pointed at his sweat pants resting on the floor. “Somebody hand me those, please. ‘Cause with the hard-on he’s got going there, I’m not bending over to pick’em up.”

Sandee tossed him his sweats. “We’ll let you get dressed. Lennie’s making breakfast.”

The man who handed him the hangover cure smiled. “Hope you like French toast and bacon.”

Darien’s stomach rumbled. “Love some. Kinda hungry. I’ll be right out.”

After dressing and eating breakfast, Darien settled back in his chair and released a long sigh.

“Feeling better this morning?” His brother grinned.

Darien nodded. “Yeah. Thanks. I so owe you.”

“Hell yes, you do. First time Alonzo and I get the same night off in months, and you blow in bloody as hell, trying to escape from a Triad hit.” Brian gulped back his coffee. “So now we just have to figure out how to hide you.”


Darien glanced at Stewart.

“Dye his hair blond and shave the face fuzz, and no one’s going to know who he is.”

Brian pushed his chair back and stood. “Pretty drastic, but a good idea, until you can get out of here.” He tossed his dishes in the sink.

Darien rubbed his chin. “Won’t be on tour for a while, so I can always grow it back. I don’t want to die and I’m gonna, if they find me.”

Sandee swallowed the last of his breakfast. “Do you know if they are looking for you? The cops, I mean.”

“I’d say they are.” Lennie looked up. “Watched the news this morning, and the cops have the security video from the Dragon. They did a body count and you’re missing. They have your face on the TV asking if anyone’s seen you.”

“Shit!” Darien thumped his hand on the table. “The cops are gonna want to know what I know about this. Bleeding Sun’s gonna wanna know if I saw their shooters, and Nai Jâhng’s gang is probably very curious about how I ended up being the only person who got out alive. They’re gonna assume I was involved.” He rested his elbows on the table and dropped his head into his hands. “I am so fucked.”

“Not necessarily.”

Darien’s brow furrowed as he stared at Stewart, who waggled his eyebrows at Brian.

“Brilliant.” Brian grinned at his brother. “Question. Can you walk in high heels?”

The Author

Daryl Devoré is an author who spans heat levels from soft and sweet to spicy hot. Each of her characters is so captivating they leave her readers spellbound as they rush to reach the end of her stories.

Daryl lives and works from her home in the gorgeous wilds of Canada. When she’s not writing she spends her spare time gardening, enjoying the tasty homemade bread her hubby bakes, and attending yoga classes where she sometimes hangs from the rafters like a bat.

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