New Release Megan’s Choice by Darci Garcia and Meet the Author #Books #Romance

A book with a puppy is always a win.

Megan’s Choice by Darci Garcia released Tuesday in the contemporary romance.

Megan Cunningham could never have imagined she would meet her handsome neighbor while chasing her badly behaved Boston Terrier Lucy but that is exactly what happened! After careening headlong into Brice Castillo’s chest and gazing into his icy blue eyes the fireworks began!
Brice is head over heels for the beautiful blonde and cannot help but pursue her. Still, there is something he is holding back that may just keep these two hearts apart forever! They are both determined to find a way and may just have sealed their happily ever after.


Curious to know what it did she pointed it away from herself towards her feet. Instantly, she could hear the sucking sound and knew it went inside your mouth to get rid of the excess water when they were cleaning or doing other procedures. She placed the tube back and picked up the second one. It too had a small button but this one was a bright blue. 

Wondering why it was a different color ,she pressed the button, forgetting to point it away. Instead, it was pointed directly in front of her face. The surprisingly strong water stream hit Megan just below her eye. In her panic, she waved it away towards the door. That was the moment her new dentist stepped in, his greeting dying as the water hit him directly on the forehead.  Reacting quickly, he turned so that the remaining water hit him behind his ear. Megan was so completely horrified that for the first few minutes  it took for her to return the tube to its proper resting place, all while apologizing profusely, she never even looked at the poor man. Quickly wiping the rest of her dripping face ,she turned slightly as he walked fully into the room, facing her directly.

“Oh no, Megan thought. No, no, no.”  Closing her eyes briefly , she felt the heat of her embarrassment so acutely,  that droplets of sweat formed immediately on her forehead, climbing from her neck to her face. “No, this cannot, absolutely cannot be happening,” she cried inwardly. But, she knew, without a doubt, that it most assuredly was, indeed, happening. Standing directly in front of her, still patting the water from his face and hair was Brice. Beautiful, tall, better looking than she remembered, Brice. Her new dentist.

The Author

Darci Garcia is a contemporary romance writer with a penchant for including members of the animal kingdom in her stories. Although she studied business, her first love has always been the written word.

She believes a sense of humor can cure most anything and laughs at herself most of all.

An animal rights activist, she has spent most of her life working behind the scenes assisting in the rescue of dogs.

These days you will find her in sunny Florida, although she was born and raised in New England, which, she maintains, still holds her heart. She is living out her own happily ever after along with her husband, children and of course her rescues which, at last count, equaled five!

Who is Megan?

Megan is the girl next door. She is intelligent, beautiful, confident and ambitious. If you were to have a conversation with her she would be kind, funny and altogether entertaining. Still, for all of her many positive attributes, she is still very much sensitive. Megan has moments like we all do. Moments of doubt, moments when we don’t fully like ourselves and moments when we  worry overly about what others may think of us. These are particularly vulnerable occasions that she experiences as she navigates her way through her relationship with Brice. She reminds us that we all make mistakes, that we all falter and sometimes we fall, hard. But Megan is also quick to remind us that self reflection and genuine apologies go a very long way. She teaches us that in the end, it isn’t how many times you fall, but how many that you rise that will garner us the most strength.

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  1. Wonderful excerpt, Megan’s Choice sounds like the perfect reading choice for me and I can’t wait to discover what choice(s) Megan makes! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an awesome day!

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