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What a great story. I was all in after the first line.

The Winged Child by Henry Mitchell released in January the Fantasy genre.

An adult fairytale about a girl who might know how to fly, a neurobotanist who might be a dragon, an innkeeper who might be a machine and a politician who might be the antichrist.

Millicent McTeer grows to adulthood in Ashton, an Appalachian tourist town, convinced she knows how to fly. With a new president in power, the life Millicent knew changes. The government has spies on every corner, coercing citizens to follow the new order. As the country descends into anarchy, Millicent is drawn into political activism by her professor and becomes an exile.

In the Laurel Creek Containment District, separated from the chaos of the Atlantic American Republic, she finds a new life. As she develops her unique abilities and leads the exiles, incursions from the outside world threaten to destroy the tranquil life they have built together. Will Millicent reclaim her reality and discover the peace that has eluded her?

“Dragon,” she blurted.

“Millicent,” he said. “Our trails cross again at last. I’ve been looking forward to it.” Ryder unfolded long legs and exited his hammock with reptilian grace, gestured at two large pillows on the floor beside a tray overflowing with papers weighted under what Millicent thought was a satellite phone of some sort. “Sit down. Rest from the world. Let’s talk about what trouble we might get into together next term.”

Millicent sat, rather awkwardly, she feared. Ryder, already comfortably settled upon his cushion, his legs folded beneath him as compactly as the pinioned wings of a bat, opened her student profile before she could arrange herself. He’d obviously studied her data previously because he flipped only a page or two before he nailed her with his gaze. She saw now that his eyes were deep deep blue, like the sky over Hillhaven after a rain.

“What made you want to study forest management, Millicent? There isn’t a lot of money to be made in that, so you’re not trying to get rich.”

Looking into this young/old face, she felt twelve years old again, incapable of anything less than the simple truth as she knew it, “Because … Because trees have been my best friends.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Henry Mitchell reads and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

He has written five novels and two collections of short stories.

Can you tell us more about your secondary characters?

I met Millicent McTeer’s parents, Joshua McTeer and Amelia Montfort in my third novel, Laurel Falls. They were proprietors of a shabbychic mountain tourist hotel that Joshua had inherited from his grandmother Alice. Besides running their hotel, Hillhaven, Joshua wrote novels and Amelia sold real estate.

Several of the secondary characters, some in thin disguise, migrated to The Winged Child from other earlier tales. Lisa Charon, Millicent’s violin teacher, played her fiddle in my first novel a decade past. Ryder has appeared in several tales in various incarnations. Sharon kept her café in Laurel Falls. Cora anchored the Hillhaven staff in Between Times.

Vesuvia Wildness and Wendl VonTrier have a peculiar duality, sometimes almost seem the same person. They are both mentors and protectors of the protagonist, our winged child, Millicent. Wendl is in the process of getting a novel of his own, and stars in a short story in an anthology, Dark and Stormy Night, from Creative James Media. Ben Orphan bears an uncanny resemblance to Ben Drum, who inhabited the three books of the Drum Trilogy. Molly Deere, the teacher in the Laurel Creek Containment District, looks a lot like the preacher’s wife who ran off with Martin Youngblood in Slick Rock Creek.

You may deduce from the above that I love my characters, even when they are being bad, and am loath to let them go. Some of them are like that favorite jacket that you are reluctant to leave home without, and they keep showing up again and again in all sorts of weather.


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