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Another peek into Valkyrie Love with this great hop!

Reed is about to leave Midgard, and must face a different way of transportation.

Still not entirely convinced, Reed’s only option was to follow both Brenna and Mae as they marched right in front of two old trees in the middle of a small clearing. Two trunks bent toward one another, branches stretched like old, frail bones, until the tips tangled up together. They looked like two skeletons holding hands and forming an arch.

Sweetly spooky, but he didn’t see anything unusual about them. “What do we do? Jump in it?”

“In a way. Come,” Brenna said, and guided him underneath the arch.

With difficulty as the elf held the queen, Brenna took Mae’s hand. Then both women offered one hand to him. He grasped them.

Brenna pulled at him to have his attention. “Close your eyes.”


“Close them. And keep ‘em that way. No peeking, if you want to use your eyesight in the future.”

“Wait, as in–”

“Human eyes do not take well the jump, too delicate for such intense light. Shut them. No peeking. I have no use for a wounded soldier.”

“Your sensitivity is so endearing.”

“Just being practical.”

“All right, all right,” he said.

Reed waited. And waited a bit more.

Nothing felt different.

Was it done? Were they there yet? Kind of underwhelming, if he had to be honest. “Are we there? Can I open my eyes?”

Brenna’s answer came in a steely whisper. “No. Quiet.”

Reed sighed. Maybe he had lost it after all, and this was nothing but –

A prickle on his skin.

Growing in a low-grade shock. Not on his skin. Underneath it.

His stomach clenched as if a weight from outside pressed on it.

Odd sounds picked up, wind-like, but he didn’t feel anything. Only the air’s whistle, and none of its presence.

He wanted, needed, to see what in the fucking hell happened because this felt so not–

Brenna’s command came loud and clear. “Do not open your eyes, you hear me, Reed? Whatever happens, wait for me to give you the ok.”

“Damn it, Brenna,” he muttered, clenching his teeth.

If he couldn’t see he couldn’t act, and the simple equation pounded hard within the man and the Marine. Within everything that he was.

Reed gripped Brenna’s hand, tight enough to be a reminder of trust. He didn’t know this woman a week ago, but she knew better about this, right?

The fighter in him tensed his muscles, getting ready for the unknown. 

Then, as fast as it had started, the windless wind, the noise, the pressure, and the feverish quiver subsided and stopped.

“Reed, stop fighting it,” Mae scolded.

“I’m not doing anything.”

“You need to let go,” Brenna ordered.

“Let go of what?”

“Of here and now.”

“Thanks. So much clearer.”

Brenna’s sigh owned all her frustration and impatience.

Yeah, well, too bad. She might be used to portal-jumping, but he wasn’t. “I’m sorry if I don’t instinctively know what in hell I’m supposed to do,” he bit out, breaking the rule and looking at her. To his surprise, she found her ice-blue eyes boring into his. “I told you not to open your eyes.” “Yes,” he hissed. “What you didn’t tell me was what’s going to happen. I’d appreciate a little more info before I’m supposed to do stuff.”


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