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Here’s a little bite of Valkyrie Love!

From Chapter 2

“Behind me, now,” Brenna shouted Maeraggyth as the first of the creatures came for them. He approached running, straight for her, and Brenna kicked him in the stomach as she deflected a dagger aimed at her side. Cute, really. With a circle and a swipe of Nadr, first blood spilled, but the creature didn’t go down. 

Of course, they didn’t die the usual way.

Brenna went for the heart, only to find out piercing where their heart supposedly beat didn’t work.

What the actual fuck?

The others were closing in, she had to think faster. The memory came from one of Midgard’s stories she enjoyed the most–off with their head. 

So she did. And what do you know, it worked. 

Another one was stupid enough to have run within Nadr’s range. Brenna raised her sword, smashed it on the idiot’s head splitting it in half, then thrust her blade into its throat. 

A growl on her left was all it took for her to react. The Night elf stood close enough to clasp his hand on her flowing hair and pull. She used the strength of his pull and let herself smash into him as Nadr shifted from a two-edged, long sword into a dagger that Brenna pushed inside the creature. A twist, a pull sideways, and he fell.

She had barely broken a sweat and only rose a dark eyebrow when the creatures turned into ashes. She pointed at the grey piles on the floor. “What are those?”

“Those are what happens when you put together Night Elves and Dwarves. The Night Elves use them as their army.”

“They have magic?”

“No. Maybe. I’m not sure. But there are thousands. They have no will of their own and are completely expendable.”

“A disposable army.”

“Yes. Let’s go before they come back,” Maeraggyth said. 



Brenna tipped the head to her sword, still shining with power. “Because if Nadr’s here with me, trouble hasn’t left yet. They want us to get out.”

“We can’t stay inside.”

We can’t. I’ll go, you wait for me.”


“Not a request, Maeraggyth. It’s an order. I’ll come back for you when it’s safe.”

Maeraggyth nodded, held the child tighter.

And Brenna started for the door


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