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Love the cover, love the tag-line, love the story. A great read.

Blood Boud (Youkai Bloodlines Book 3) by Courtney Maguire releases today in the Paranormal, LGBTQ+, Romance genre.

Two hundred years can strain even the seemingly eternal love of the youkai.

When Hideyoshi’s coldness drives them apart, Hiro finds comfort in his friendship with Takanori, a vociferous human man he met at a ramen shop and can’t seem to keep away from.. Everything Hiro had to fight for from Hideyoshi, Takanori gives freely, making it all too easy to turn away from his responsibilities–and Hideyoshi–in favor of something sweeter.

But while Hiro is off playing human, danger is brewing among the Youkai. Hideyoshi, still reeling from his breakup with Hiro, struggles to uphold the promise they made to the Hunter leader, Kyo, but the Youkai’s loyalty has been challenged by Hiro’s abrupt disappearance. With Hunters literally banging at the door, Hide must find a way to bring Hiro home or risk igniting the war they’ve spent the last two hundred years trying to prevent.

Warnings: graphic violence, terminal illness, depictions of grief and depression/mental illness, suicidal actions

Info for Other Books in Series:

1. Bloodlaced – epub, mobi

2. Blood Pact – epub, mobi



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Not a Date

We carried on like that for weeks. I kept finding myself drifting toward the ramen-ya at the same time of day despite my better judgment, determined it would be the last time. He was always there too, yammering away as I stubbornly tried to ignore him, as if he were determined to find the chink in my armor and make me come spilling out. No matter how many personal questions I dodged, there were five more right behind them and something inevitably slipped. He managed to glean that I was born in Kyoto, though my accent had faded away to almost nothing. He’d guessed my age at “not older than twenty-five,” to which I didn’t comment. He even figured out I lived in an old house in Ushigome.

It was truly annoying, and yet I returned day after day, our verbal sparring matches sometimes the only thing that kept me going. I didn’t have to think about cages, or secrets, or a long, daunting future, and I found myself falling into his bright eyes, his easy smile. He gave himself fully to every conversation, held nothing back. It was disorienting, like being shaken from a long sleep.

I didn’t tell Hideyoshi.

“You gonna get that?” I asked around a mouthful of ramen, gesturing to the flip phone vibrating across the counter. Takanori crossed his arms over his chest and pursed his lips, turning his face away as if the thing would disappear if he couldn’t see it.

“It’s my sister,” he said.

“You don’t get along?” I took a long swig of green tea. He’d mentioned his sister in passing, but we’d never really talked about her. All our talks had been mostly meaningless, things like complaining about the weather while I tried not to notice his long eyelashes or the way his cheek dimpled when he laughed. This felt like taking a step toward something. My mouth went dry. Maybe he’d been holding something back after all.

“It’s not that,” he said, ruffling his choppy hair. “She’s been bugging me about the Spring Festival. Wants to get all dressed up and everything.”


“So…I haven’t worn a kimono since I was ten.” He sighed with relief when the phone stopped ringing, only to groan when it picked back up a few seconds later. “How do I get out of this?”

“Just tell her you don’t want to go.”

“You don’t understand,” he said, his cheeks pink. “I can’t say no to my sister. It’s physically impossible. I’d climb Tokyo Tower in a Godzilla costume if she asked me to.”

Damn. He’s funny too.

“You talk to her,” he said, shoving the phone at me.

“What?! I’m not gonna talk to your sister, you weirdo!”

“Please! I’ll buy your lunch for a year. Ten years.”

“No way. I don’t think we’re at the talk-to-my-sister point in our relationship.”

He tossed the phone back onto the counter with a pout and deflated back into his chair.

“Just go. How bad can it be?”

He picked at a loose thread in the hem of his sweater, his small nose scrunched up. “She just rides me kind of hard sometimes, ya know?” he said, his head hanging. “I love her and all, we’re very close, but she can be like an overbearing mom. Always nagging about my job or money or my love life. Sometimes I make up imaginary boyfriends just to get her off my case.”

“Sounds like she worries about you.”

“I’m the older brother. I’m the one that’s supposed to worry.” Takanori sat up straight and clapped his hands together. “I just got a great idea.”

I shoved a wad of noodles in my mouth.

“You can be my date.”

And I choked.

“Oh God.” Takanori jumped out of his chair and slapped me on the back. “Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—” Still coughing, I shook my head, and he shoved a glass of water in front of me. “You’re not gonna punch me in the face or something, are you?”

“What? No,” I said, still coughing up broth. “I just—”

“I know, I know. You’re right. It’s crazy,” he said in a rush, waving his hands. “I mean, you’re not even…you don’t even know me. I’m just some guy that you sit next to in a restaurant and forces conversation on you.”

“It’s not that.”

“It’s okay. Really. You don’t have to feel guilty. It’s not like we’re friends.”

“I like talking to you, Taka.”

We both froze. My hand had landed on his arm at some point, and I pulled it back, blushing as if I’d admitted something scandalous. Taka. His name shortened felt like an endearment. I made a list of all the reasons I should get up and walk away. It was a long one, blood-drinking immortal being the least of it, but I couldn’t make myself move. As much as I tried to resist it, he fascinated me, slumped shoulders, lower lip tucked in his teeth, and blushing all the way to his ears. All his emotions were written in neon across his body. Talking to him was…easy. Not like…

“Okay, I’ll go.” His eyes brightened, and I held up my hands. “As a friend. Not a date.”

“Yeah, okay,” he said, nodding furiously. He smiled so wide, it lit up the whole room and that list of reasons evaporated. He snatched a napkin from the holder next to him and scribbled something down on it. “This is my address. You can meet me there and we’ll walk to the festival to meet up with Maia. It’s just a few blocks away.”

His address. His home address.

I’m in so much trouble.

Author Bio:

Courtney Maguire is a University of Texas graduate from Corpus Christi, Texas. Drawn to Austin by a voracious appetite for music, she spent most of her young adult life in dark, divey venues nursing a love for the sublimely weird. A self-proclaimed fangirl with a press pass, she combined her love of music and writing as the primary contributor for Japanese music and culture blog, Project: Lixx, interviewing Japanese rock and roll icons and providing live event coverage for appearances across the country.

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