New Release The Book Boyfriend by Jeanna Louise Skinner #Paranormal #timeTravel #Romance

I mean, this is every reader’s dream.

The Book Boyfriend by Jeanna Louise Skinner releases today in the Paranormal, time-Travel Romance.

Let us find solace in the quiet…”

Emmeline always dreamed of being an author, finding comfort in words and between the pages of her beloved romance novels, but a mental health diagnosis leaves her blocked and unable to write. Then she inherits a crumbling, second-hand bookshop from a mysterious old friend and Emmy discovers that magic is real and maybe her fantasies about the heroes in her favourite historical romances aren’t so far-fetched after all.

A handsome stranger–wielding a sword as dangerous as his Tudor past–appears in Emmy’s bookshop asking for help. Together they must race against time itself to lift the curse imprisoning him in an ancient book. But when growing threats to her safety are proved real and not another symptom of her illness, Emmy must learn to trust her own voice again. Can she find the words to save Jonathan and her shop before tragedy strikes on the fateful final page? 

Romance-addict Emmy may be, but this damsel is about to kick distress into the Ever After.

Trigger warnings:

Mental health issues, panic attacks, grief, references to abuse, references to cheating, character taking medication, references to therapy, references to suicide, references to section, references to body image references, misogyny.

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The Dread Sweate has returned. The fireplaces burn strong and the court stifles in the cloying summer heat. It is said that death is swift, with few surviving once the sickness takes hold. We must endure the furnaces to prevent further spread. Miss Caroline Godwin is the youngest daughter of Sir Godfrey Godwin, chief physician to the Queen. She is lovely. At once come-hither, yet aloof. Her smile is radiant with the kiss of youth and her eyes reflect the waxing and waning of the flames. Her pretence is strong, yet the sharp rise and fall of her chest gives her away. Why else would she have agreed to accompany me to a private chamber? She is uncharacteristically unsure of herself. I watch as she takes a coquettish sip of wine and wonder if she will be like her older sister in bed.

“This blessed fire becomes unbearable, my lord. Might we not open a window?” She fans at her cheeks, rosy-stained and delicious. An apple ripe for picking and I am the very man to shake the tree.

“Ahh, my Lady, I apologise, but surely you understood your father’s instruction? We must do whatever we can to work up a clean and natural sweat.”

“There is nothing clean about cooking oneself. I feel like a goose dressed for Christmas dinner in July.”

I ignore the obvious invitation to compliment and instead make my move. “I hear you are quite the sportswoman. Maybe if you changed into something more suitable, you would partake in a game with me?” I hold up the dice for her to see.

“And why would my lord think I be unsuitably dressed for a game of tables?”

Time to roll the dice. I cross the room in two strides and lean toward her right ear.

“Because, my Lady, I would take great pleasure in licking the sweat from your bosom, as I lay your delectable body across my table.”

Her breath hitches and I lean out again to assess her reaction. The fire in her eyes is scorching, and I know I should be grateful if the good Doctor remains ignorant of exactly how we plan to interpret his wisdom.

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Author Bio:

Jeanna Louise Skinner writes romance with a sprinkling of magic. The Book Boyfriend is her debut novel and she is currently working on a prequel. She has ADHD and CRPS, a rare neuro-inflammatory disorder, and she is passionate about writing about people underrepresented in Romance, especially those with disabilities and chronic health conditions. She’s also the co-creator of UKRomChat, a much-lauded, Romance-centric live Twitter chat. She lives in Devon with her husband, their two children and a cat who sounds like a goat.

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