Night Watch (Burlington Inn Book 1) by AG Meiers and Meet the Author #Books #RomanticSuspense

That tag in the graphic, Nerdy Procrastinator in Trouble… love it!

Night Watch (Burlington Inn Book 1) by AG Meiers released at the beginning of September in the contemporary, suspense, LGBTQ romance.

A romance at midnight, but happily ever after at dawn? Complicated…

Hunter Jones is stalling. One day, he’ll be a lawyer in his family’s prestigious firm, but just not yet. Instead he is working the nightshift at the Burlington Inn. It’s the perfect place to hide from everything that’s wrong with his life. Once—just once—he did something reckless and it has haunted him ever since. Romance is the last thing he needs. But then a tall, dark, and sexy stranger checks into the hotel…

Detective Cole Sawyer’s life is a complete clusterfuck of his own making. His lies have ruined his chances at a fresh start, and his anger and insomnia constantly get the better of him. Cole has no business getting involved with the honey-sweet night auditor. But with every late night encounter staying away gets more and more difficult.

When a dangerous stalker targets Hunter, Cole realizes just how far he’s willing to go to protect the man he never should’ve been with in the first place—and Hunter starts to wonder what it’ll take to rescue Cole from himself.

Night Watch, the first book in The Burlington Inn series, is a contemporary hurt/comfort romance.

Warnings: One of the characters has a stalker, so light trigger warning for that.

Painted Hearts Website:

I stole another glance at the man across the front desk in the dimmed light of the entrance hall. I didn’t get many check-ins during the night shift. The Burlington Inn focused on extended stay business travelers. Most of our rooms and small apartments were rented monthly to companies along the Route 128 corridor. Of course, sometimes we had late arrivals, but a guest walking in after midnight was unusual.

The guy’s skin tone was ashen. He looked like he hadn’t shaved for two, maybe three days. Dark shadows hid under his bloodshot eyes and deep lines etched into his face. There was a faint bruise on his left cheek. He’d barely looked at me since he came in. His gaze seemed to focus on a spot on the counter, and his hand kept pushing through his dark hair as if it was the only way to keep his eyes open. I knew the feeling too well, but six hours of sleep earlier today had helped a lot to restore my usual balance. And then, work was my happy place right now, so all was good again.

If I had an overactive imagination, my mind would jump straight to one of those vampire movies Skyler had been so crazy about for a while. They always started with a pale, hunky-looking stranger, all dressed in black. I verified with a quick glance. Oh my God. Dark, washed-out jeans and a black t-shirt stretched tight over his broad chest and shoulders. He was tall, too, at least six feet. If Skyler were here, he would probably be freaking out right now. The guy was total sexy vampire material.

Just that my pale stranger didn’t show up mysteriously and unexpected in the middle of the night—Cole Sawyer had a reservation. Impatiently he tapped his ID on the counter. I tried to shut down my runaway imagination and focused on my job.

“Did you ask for a room on the ground floor, sir?” I asked.

He looked up for the first time. “Huh?”

“Do you have a preference regarding the floor—for your room?”

“No.” His voice was low and all gravelly. “I don’t care which floor, but I prefer windows that can open.”

“All our windows open. That’s not a problem.” I checked the reservation again. Tilda had preselected a room during her shift to expedite the late check-in: Room 124—right next to the elevator. The whole place was more or less empty, but she picked one of the smallest rooms. Tilda was real cheap sometimes. Well, Sawyer was my check-in.

“Tell you what. I’ll give you one of the Executive Suites on the second floor. It’s a small apartment, two rooms, kitchenette, and a balcony with a large screen door. All guestrooms in the back are away from the main road, so it’s nice and quiet. This one faces west and can get a little warm in the afternoon, but there’s a tree in front, so it doesn’t heat up too badly, and you can always open the balcony door. Does that sound okay?” I always babble a little when I’m trying to impress somebody, just until now, I hadn’t realized I was trying to impress him.

“Okay, sure.” He nodded like a man who really didn’t care much.

“It has a King-size bed. More space for—”

Cole Sawyer looked up. His eyes shimmered icy gray.

Shit. I wasn’t even sure myself where I’d been going with that sentence. “You’re tall and…” I was about to say build but caught myself in the last second and ended lamely, “…there’s more space for legs.”

Mission accomplished—I had his full attention now. He slowly raised an eyebrow, and I could practically see him trying to decide if I was drunk or was just missing a few marbles. But then, he grinned, and my heart skipped a beat. Not only did my tall, dark stranger have a sense of humor, he also looked gorgeous with his slightly crooked smile.

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” he said.

Appreciate what? The upgrade. The compliment. My face on fire.

Luckily, I inherited my mom’s Italian complexion. I moved to the other side of the counter to program the keycard for the room. That gave me a minute to recover.

“One or two keys, sir?” I asked.

“One is fine.”

“Okay, this is your keycard. I can really recommend Katie’s Café next door. It’s a nice place. They’ve got a great selection of sweet and savory breakfast pastries. Two coupons for free coffee are included with your stay.” I handed everything over and after quick directions to his room, Sawyer strode down the hall. I checked out his broad shoulders and nice ass when he waited in front of the elevator. Why not? This was probably the last I would ever see of him. I worked at the hotel from eleven to five thirty in the morning, not really a good time to socialize with any of the guests.

Author Bio:

Eighteen years ago, AG Meiers came to the US for adventure and stayed for love. Currently, she lives in New England with her husband and two awesome kids—balancing work, friends and family, and writing.

When she has some free time, her favorite thing to do is travel and visit new places. Her past trips have already brought her to a variety of countries on four continents. She never passes up an opportunity to experience different cultures, diverse people and amazing locations.

Even though she has been dreaming up stories all her life, she has only recently started to write them down and share them with the world. As a writer she loves to put her characters through a lot of challenges, conflict and heartbreak, before she allows them to find their happy-ever-after.

Hotel People Are Different!

The hotel business is a whole world in itself, with a lot of idiosyncrasies and just a tad bit of crazy. Okay, more than a tad. It’s just that once you’ve worked in a hotel for a while, you forget that some things—two a.m. requests for new towels because the ones in the room feel ‘off’—aren’t the norm for the rest of the world. Pampering guests, no matter, how bizarre the request may be is part of the job.

I’d always wanted to write a hotel story because, you guessed it, I worked in hospitality. One of my first jobs was an apprenticeship at a hotel in Germany, and I loved every second of it. Mainly, because Hotel People Are Different. We had a bartender who took pride in never seeing any daylight. He went to bed when the sun came up and only went out again at dusk. And yes, he looked like an extra on Supernatural. The head housekeeper was barely five feet tall, and we were all scared of her—very, very scared. In the restaurant, our Maître D’ wore bright red suspenders under his dark uniform suit; a touch of rebellion. The sous chef was our version of McDreamy while the head chef would yell (at me and everybody else in his kitchen) for eight hours straight, only to then carry a sack of potatoes up the stairs from storage for me. A little tough love never meant he didn’t take care of his own. We all took care of our own because that world we built inside the hotel was ours.

I’d always planned to put this part of my life into a book. My hotel in Night Watch is a special place, and the two main characters in my story are in dire need of a safe haven, at least for a while, until they are ready leave the shadows of the night and face the world in broad daylight again.

So, welcome to the marvelous, wonderful and completely made-up Burlington Inn! 

Home of:

Hunter Jones – night auditor and nerdy procrastinator. Hunter prefers his solitary night watch at the hotel to dealing with his overbearing family and everything else that’s wrong with his life. But he is in trouble. Just once he’d done something out of character (it’s not even anything bad, just something he usually doesn’t do) and it’s been haunting him ever since.

Cole Sawyer – hotel guest and sexy cop with insomnia. Cole’s life has turned into a train wreck of his own making. He has squandered away his new start in Boston with the same old lies and now, seems hell bent on self-destruction… but when he finds out that Hunter has a dangerous stalker, Cole embarks on a mission to keep Hunter safe. Because being a cop is maybe the one—the only thing—Cole is good at.

Skyler O’Neil – part-time receptionist and best friend ever. Skyler is a singer, dancer, and actor with a continuous streak of fender benders and bad relationships. Hunter’s free-spirited friend makes sure Hunter doesn’t turn into a complete stick-in-the-mud.

Arthur Slater – hotel owner with a book of 1001 rules. Mr. Slater is a confirmed bachelor, who never once misses a “chess night” with his childhood friend, Mr. Martin. The two men have their work cut out to make sure the young men in their care find their happily-ever-after.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at the Burlington Inn!

AG Meiers 

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