New Release Pride and Intentions by Dushica Labovic and Meet the Author #Books #Romance

Pride and Intentions by Dushica Labovic released yesterday in the British Saga, romance genre.

Set in beautiful castles in the middle of the twentieth century, this is a story about Doris Rose, the daughter of an English oligarch who cannot forget the poor young man who stole her heart a long time ago when her parents forcefully separated them.

But love has the power to turn the dark tragedy of their past into a miracle.
Reborn as one of the richest men in England, the former poor boy from her childhood returns to her parents’ lives…

Morally marred by lies, deception and secrets from her parents’ past, the former mistress of Magnolia Castle, Doris Rose, is forced to abandon her wealth and join the working class. She blames the very man she secretly loves for her misfortune.

The oligarch’s plans and the pride of the girl who has lost everything become the only things that tie two people who secretly love one another.


“But can you lose something you believe in? The thing that gives you the strength to live, the very thing you breathe for? Can it be lost forever if it had built you, pushed you into the world of love, revealed the limits of shame, and overcoming unfulfilled desires? Can you lose what you don’t want to give up, what you are afraid of but at the same time wish to come true? Can it be lost forever if you don’t know how to lose?

      It unfolded as it was meant to be. Although it was difficult for me to accept that I will no longer be able to visit Magnolia as often as earlier, I was sure of one thing: I will start a whole new life! A life in which false hopes about a stronger relationship will not be planned as a gift but will develop naturally and gradually.

      Without my conscious will, the train seemed to carry the thoughts of Victor somewhere far away into memory. He had a one-way ticket and that didn’t give me peace. Deep inside, I felt that it wasn’t over, that we will meet at least once again, at some moment in life, that we will look each other in the eye and revive our honest and innocent childhood expressions. I didn’t want to believe that the disease took him. Can disease take an innocent, good, honest man who didn’t yet taste life’s happiness?…”

About The Author

Dushica Labovich is a writer from Montenegro whose books have been translated into several languages. She holds the masters’ degrees in philosophy and psychotherapy. She is a lover of metaphysics, art and philosophy of ancient cultures. Labovich writes novels that entertain, transform and teach something that is rarely talked about or missed in history and make us become better, smarter and wiser. Her favorite genres are psychological thriller, mystery&suspense and romance. 
She is a happy wife and a mother of two children. She lives with her family in Budva and Moscow. 

Yesterday on June 16, my romantic novel «PRIDE and INTENTIONS» (Historical, British romance – vintage) was officially published by The Wild Rose Press, best known for publishing romance but also other genres such as mystery, thriller, young adults, etc.

Interesting facts:

The book was actually published independently in 2020 and soon after, when the book received very good reviews in a short time, I signed a contract with one of the top romance publisher in USA. But, what is a more interesting is that this romantic novel was original written in my native Serbian language and a translated English version was published even before it was published in Serbian.

So, the book started to win over the audience first on the American market, unlike my previous books, which won their way first in the southeast of Europe and Russia, and only then in the  English language countries.

Let’s go back to the book itself.

I think I know what you want to ask me! The answer is – Yes! «Pride and Intentions» has anything to do with Jane Austen’s «Pride and Prejudice». And, yes! The main plot of «Pride and Prejudice» was my inspiration for writing this book. BUT! It is not its retelling, it is an original story with a deep connection with Austen’s work.

The story is actually a retelling of a magical fairy tale about a great love that only happens once in a lifetime. Just like in «Pride and Prejudice», we have a wise and very careful female lead– when it comes to her heart and the solution to give it to another man. And yes! Just like Mr. Darcy, there is a proud, selfish Mr. Brown who is to blame for the silent suffering of a woman’s innocent heart.

Doris Rose is a confident elderly lady, happy mother and grandmother. After the funeral of her beloved husband, she decides to tell the personal history of her love life to her granddaughter, Elizabeth. The story takes us back to the town of Sheffield and the year 1957. A seventeen-year-old Doris Rose receives a lavish gift from her wealthy parents ‒ a castle, which she named ‘Magnolia’. At the time, Doris is unaware that the castle and an orchestrated marriage to Mr. Daniel Blake (a young colleague of her fathers who she meets during one of their sumptuous dinner parties in the castle) are part of a plan hatched by her parents to prevent her from associating with Victor (a young man five years older than her, who she met while she was still a child), whose personal history is hidden from her at all costs…

Pride and Intentions will find its audience among fans of family drama, British historical romance, character-driven love stories with strong descriptions of emotions, and growing up in love. Similar books are The Notebook, The North and South, The Wuthering Heights, Persuasion, and Pride and Prejudice.

I wish you a nice reading and unforgettable enjoyment on this journey.

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