The Seven Spires by Russell Archey and Meet the Author #Books #Fantasy

The author built worlds in a super cool way. Read his post!

The Seven Spires by Russell Archey released in October in the Fantasy genre.

An incredible high fantasy adventure set in a world based on familiar fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, “The Seven Spires” is an epic story of dragons, magic, conquering evil, and discovering magnificent new places. When a fearsome creature known as Wyvern begins terrorizing Emrallt, one of the seven realms of the continent of Septer, a group of heroes are brought together seemingly by fate to rally against him. A prince, warrior, wizard, and mysterious, sorceress-like sybil try to discover why a common maiden could be the best chance their kingdoms have against Wyvern’s growing forces that threaten to dominate each and every one of the ancient, arcane spires that bind their kingdoms, and world, together.


“Jormungandr!” one of the warband cried out.

The creature was above ground, slithering across the sand effortlessly with its large and jagged scales. Coarse frills fanned from its neck. Its scale-covered muscles propelled it across the desert as though it were water.

Its roar was shrill and terrifying. It launched itself from the ground and toppled one of the warband who had managed to reach his stallion. Horse and rider were both taken by its horrible maw. The jormungandr spun about as it bit down on the warrior and his horse, disorienting them. It returned to the earth by way of the sinkhole it had created and the rider and his mount were never to be heard from again.

The Prince listened in terror to the eerie silence that fell. They had all climbed atop their stallions; looking and listening for any sign of the creature. Their swords and axes were drawn, but the men were visibly shaken by such a horrifying beast.

“What can be done against them?” the Prince whispered. It was in part to himself, and in part a question to the Warrior.

“Siege weapons,” the Warrior said glibly in response to the Prince. “Or the magic of the Red Wizard. A better question would be ‘why is it gone?’”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

“Russell Archey has been writing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. His love for narratives, world-building, and story-telling has fed into nearly every aspect of his life: from his video and board game hobbies to pressing his most cherished books onto his unfortunate children (who will, one day, read the Lord of the Rings trilogy whether they like it or not). When he’s not creating new worlds and horrifying things to threaten them with destruction, he’s bringing other author’s fantastic works to life as an audiobook narrator, spending time with his two children, and pressing his dear wife’s eternal patience with his quirky habits.”

In the synopsis, it says the story is based on familiar fairy tales, folklore, and mythology. Can you be a little more specific? What can we recognize in the story? Thank you! 

Every corner of the world I tried to build in The Seven Spires is based on one of those concepts. The seven realms are individually bound by some sort of guiding theme. Avallonis is, of course, based around Arthurian themes and myths. The Emerald Kingdom is developed around basic fairy tale and fantasy tropes (the ratlings were even inspired by my memories of Jim Henson movies). Vitruvia is a quasi-steampunk isolationist kingdom inspired by Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.” This kingdom may feel out of place because that’s pretty much what they are–the oddballs of the world! Many locations are named after things appropriate to their realm’s theme. The Ruby Realm is named after the poetic Edda of Viking mythology. An area that plays a prominent role in the story are the Jotun Foothills. One of the biggest threats in Edda that some heroes encounter? Monstrous, subterranean worms called jormungandr. There are nods to Beauty and the Beast, the Beast of Gevaudan (French folklore), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (does that count?)…although some of these are more subtle than others. I didn’t want the world and its inhabitants to feel isolated within their respective locales, however, so I tried to mix things up to make everything feel more coherent while maintaining some reader familiarity. Morgaena is one of three sisters from the realm of Mythesta, a realm with a sinister reputation, but is causing mischief in Avallonis. This seems fitting based on a character named after an Arthurian villain, isn’t it? 

I’ve always loved fairy tales, folklore, and mythology and hope I’ve created a world filled with familiar, but not too familiar, tropes for my readers!



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  1. My husband and I both love Russell Archey Mthing new. d when he publishes somey husband even gets excited when he publishes a new book. (Audrey Stewart)

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  2. (My computer mouse went kind of crazy. Let me fix this comment:) My husband and I both love Russell Archey. My husband even gets excited when he publishes a new book. (Audrey Stewart)

    Liked by 1 person

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