Into the Fire (The Elements Book 1): A Millionaire Romance by by J B Glazer and Meet the Author

Self-discovery is not always meditation and herbal teas. This is one of those times.

Into the Fire (The Elements Book 1): A Millionaire Romance by by J B Glazer released in October in the Contemporary Romance genre.

I have been hiding my whole life. Doing what’s expected has become who I am. Until I met Rob Ashford. With just one look into his stormy blue eyes, I knew I was lost. I’ve come to realize he gets what he wants. And what he wants right now is me. As much as I want to succumb to what he’s offering, I’m not sure if I’ll lose myself or find who I was meant to be. I’m not strong enough to refuse him. I give him everything, and even though he’s given me nothing in return, I still love him. He ignites a fire and passion that burns so bright I fear I’ll combust. The thought of leaving him terrifies me, but I know more than anyone that when you play with fire, someone always gets burned.

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“Do you like to fly?” I ask him.

“I do now.”

My back is to his front so he doesn’t see my smile. I ask Rob if we can take a photo together and he agrees. I hold my phone out and snap a selfie of the two of us. Even without it, this is a moment I will always remember.

As the sun makes a slow descent the sky turns breathtaking shades of pink and gold.

“If only I had a glass of wine to accompany this relaxing ride my night would be complete,” I joke.

“Champagne toast is after we land.”

“Oh, I was kidding.”

“All part of the package,” Glenn says. As we soar with the clouds I glance over at Rob’s profile. He still wears the same serious expression but his posture seems relaxed. I wonder if he ever takes a moment to enjoy simple pleasures. My guess is no. He surprised me with this plan because it seems out of character. He doesn’t strike me as the type of man who makes large gestures or plans elaborate romantic evenings. It makes me realize I don’t know him at all. Or else he’s painting a picture of who he wants me to see: a workaholic who doesn’t have time for love. But it seems there is more to the man than he’s let on. For someone who claims not be a romantic, this is by far the most romantic date I’ve ever been on. And I suspect no date will be able to top this night—ever. Rob has set the bar high, which means there is that much further to fall.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

J B Glazer is a Chick Lit and Romance author who writes fun and flirty books with a little bit of heat and a whole lot of heart. She believes in creating characters that are aspirational yet relatable and that a daily dose of chocolate is one of life’s necessities. She’s also a wife, mom, blogger, chauffeur, referee, short-order cook, maid, chocoholic, shopaholic, and multitasker extraordinaire. J B has a thing for big, dramatic endings because that’s the fun of getting to happily ever after.

Can you tell us more about this heroine? What are her strong points? Weaknesses?

Veronica Clayton grew up in a political family. As the daughter of a senator, she’s always been conscious about how her actions affect her family. Since a young age, her life has revolved around putting her father’s needs first. She could never make a decision without thinking about how it would appear to others. How it would impact him or his campaign. She perfected the art of small talk, being gracious, polite and poised. She knows how to evade a question she doesn’t want to answer, not to let her emotions reveal her true feelings, and to put aside her desires. Because the one time she pushed the boundaries it backfired, badly, and almost cost her family everything.

Veronica is smart, driven, charitable and loyal. She has a career as the lead strategist at a think tank called Spark and is known as a fixer of sorts. While her professional life is on track, the same isn’t true of her personal one. She lets few people in. She doesn’t date much. She hides—from herself and others. She doesn’t let anyone get to know the real Veronica—she’s not even certain who that is anymore. At twenty-nine years old, she’s never made a decision for herself. And she was OK with that. Until he came along.

Rob Ashford is the one man who challenges her. Who stirs up memories of the adventurous girl she used to be who yearned for more. When he proposes an unusual arrangement, she balks. But as he pursues her, she realizes her weakness is also why she’ll go through with his offer: she’s not strong enough to say no.

As they dive deeper into their relationship, Rob awakens parts of Veronica she had long since buried. He makes her realize her past doesn’t have to define her. As she comes into her own, Veronica senses Rob is pulling away. That he has secrets of his own. The more Veronica tries to get Rob to open up, she realizes he is hiding too. She hopes that together, they can set themselves free.

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