Release Day for Love, in Writing by Elsa Winckler and Meet the Author #Books #Romance

If you’ve ever wondered how two authors managed their love story, look no further.

Love, in Writing by Elsa Winckler releases today in the contemporary romance genre.

A hardcore Science Fiction writer and a softhearted romance novelist clash on the sunny South African coast… Margaret Parker is a hopeless romantic whose fantasies fuel her writing. For Graham Connelly, science fiction is the perfect genre to express his cynical worldview. A chance meeting in a lift leaves them both interested and aroused — with no clue as to the other’s identity.

Margaret has been looking for a face to match her new fictional hero — and Graham’s is it. Graham has been looking for proof that innocence and optimism still exist — and he’s found it in Margaret. But fantasy isn’t reality, and both Margaret and Graham are used to controlling their fictional worlds. Can they step off the pages long enough to find their own happy-ever-after?




Dumbfounded, Graham stared after her, then followed her. He looked down at her, trying to read her face, but she averted her eyes.

“Kissing you, letting you touch me the way you just did…”

She looked up at him, her green eyes reflecting…was it hurt?

“It’s a big deal to me, Graham.” Her eyes were bright with unshed tears. “I want what my parents had. I want the fairy tale. The romance, the love, the wooing, flowers, the forever. And you…” She took a deep breath. “It’s everything you don’t want. Please leave.”

At her words, Graham stepped back quickly. Margaret smiled a sad smile and showed him the door again. He walked out but when he turned around to say goodbye, she’d already closed the door softly behind him and was securing the lock.

Exasperated, Graham pushed his fingers through his hair. Forever. Where the hell had that come from? A fairy tale. And romance and flowers and what did she say? Wooing. Stupid word. Who still used the bloody word? And what the hell did her parents have to do with it? He had just kissed her. People kissed! It was normal, not a train smash. And it was just a kiss, wasn’t it?

But as he stomped down the stairs toward his car, he remembered how soft she’d felt beneath his fingers, how responsive she’d been. He could instantly recall the flowery scent of her perfume, remembered the sound of her breath and he remembered the sight of white lace cupping firm breasts. He groaned out loud.

She was right. He shouldn’t have kissed her. She wanted more, needed more. Hell, he wasn’t so jaded he couldn’t see that. And yes, she was right, it wasn’t what he wanted. He was the last man on earth who should be around Margaret. She deserved someone who would want to provide everything she wanted. He grimaced. He was not a candidate.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Elsa has been reading love stories for as long as she can remember and when she ‘met’ the classic authors like Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry James The Brontë sisters, etc. during her English Honours studies, she was hooked for life.

She married her college boyfriend and soul mate and after 45 years, 3 interesting and wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren, they are now fortunate to live in the picturesque little seaside village of Betty’s Bay, South Africa.

She likes the heroines in her stories to be beautiful, feisty, independent and headstrong.  And the heroes must be strong but possess a generous amount of sensitivity. They are of course, also gorgeous!  Her stories typically incorporate the family background of the characters to better understand where they come from and who they are when we meet them in the story.

Characters in Love, in writing

by Elsa Winckler

The idea of a scantily dressed woman in a lift popped into my head in the middle of the night and wouldn’t leave. And over the next few days, Margaret Parker introduced herself – a romance writer with a bookstore called ‘Happy Ever After’, one in which you’ll only find stories with happy endings.

Margaret fervently believes in happy endings and while writing her romance novels, she’s waiting for her own fairy tale. She’s an old-fashioned kind of gal, her usual attire much more sedate than the revealing dress she’s wearing when the story begins.

She has inherited a house from her grandmother in Kommetjie, a small coastal village near Cape Town and this is also where she has recently opened her bookstore.

After her grandmother’s death, her extended family begins to rely on her to fix their everyday problems, one of the reasons why she’s been glad to move to the remote little seaside village.

But the shop is not bringing in enough money and she’s struggling with her latest romance novel. The problem is the hero in her story. She has a hard time trying to picture what he looks like.

And then she steps into an elevator and there he is. Tall, tanned with light brown hair a drop-dead gorgeous man, one with exactly the face she’s been looking for, is leaning against the side of the elevator.

Graham Connelly writes science fiction and leads a quiet life, but ever since his agent has cajoled him into being a judge in a reality television show a year earlier, the press has decided he is now a “celeb,” someone to write endless, utter nonsense about. As a result of all the unwanted publicity, female fans seem to pour out of walls wherever he goes. Okay, the publicity is good for sales, but nowadays he can’t even go to a restaurant and have a dinner in peace.

And then he steps into the elevator on his way to his apartment, only to discover another scantily dressed woman trying to throw herself at him. The instant attraction he feels for the stranger, is not a welcome sensation and he accuses her of following him.

He doesn’t believe in love and happy endings, not after he’s found his wife in bed with his best friend. It’s the kind of thing that leaves you cynical about love and love in general. And on top of everything, he has writer’s block. But after meeting the woman in the elevator with her long, blonde hair a wayward thought brings a new story to life. A girl with wide, innocent eyes, a killer body and no scruples is going to be his next protagonist.

Getting these two complete opposites together, was an interesting and rewarding writing experience. I hope you enjoy the meet-cute, the journey and the struggle they have before they’re able to listen to their hearts.

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