My Review of Shattered Dawn (Fallen Guardians Book 5) by Georgia Lynn Hunter

I mean, long series can’t be always good right? There has to be at least one book that doesn’t meet the standard, right? Well, I’m sure there are series like that, but I’m even surer it’s not the Guardian. Read the latest book, still thinking about it many weeks after I finished it.

Shattered Dawn (Fallen Guardians Book 5) by Georgia Lynn Hunter released in November in the Paranormal genre.

Bound to a malevolent curse…
Solitary warrior Nikkos ices his emotions to survive the rampaging evil trapped within him—his only gratification is hunting and destroying demons. When guardian duty leads him to infiltrate a trafficking ring, he collides with a feisty human who stirs his long-dead heart. There is no place in his violent life for this beautiful crusader, yet she becomes the lone spark that ignites his indestructible armor.

A past lost, a future uncertain…
With no memories of her former life and surrounded by enemies, Shadow takes refuge in the hazardous maze beneath the city and spends her time trying to save the other lost souls who congregate there. Until a maddening, hardcore immortal storms into her life, throwing her world off-balance. Despite her unexpected attraction to the sexy, tattooed Guardian, Shadow cannot let him close, not when her very nature makes her one of the creatures he’s sworn to destroy.

A destiny that won’t be denied…
No matter their mile-high barriers, a dark hunger burns, drawing them closer. But their very happiness is threatened when danger finds Shadow and their enemies strike, propelling Nik and Shadow into battles unlike any ever faced, with an end neither could have foreseen…

Let’s start by saying all the guardians and their mates are messed up. Well, this couple is worse.

Nik is definitely the darkest, maddest of them all to the point where I didn’t think he was going to get better… Yeah, he has reasons. 

Shadow was so interesting, I love the mystery surrounding her (who/ what is she?)

In full accord with Nik’s per, the tone of the story is darker, the troubles Nik and Shadow have to overcome harder. I mean, she’s (or at least part of her) what he fight. Literally.

The characters make sense, Georgia’s ability to get into their head is confirmed, per usual.

I want to spend a couple of words on the series as a whole but first, let’s take a moment to talk about the last third of this story: well played, Georgia. Well played. I can’t say a lot about writing style or whatever other thing goes into a review. I was simply too engrossed to care, at that point. The unthinkable happened and it left me hanging for way too long. I’ve hardly been this worried for a character. Ever. I mean, come on! I kept looking that page count, and nothing got better!

Now, about the series.

One thing I love about it is that what makes the heroines different and rejected by the “normal” society  is what, ultimately, will save her guardian’s very soul. 

I like how secondary characters for other books return, like in the most unusual small town. 

Also, I wanted them to adopt the Hellhound so bad…..

To close this review, can I say that I hope there’s a Hedori’s happy ending sometimes in the future??? Or how about Michael? Oh, man, I’d love to see him take the fall. Poor Arc, the pressure he must be under dealing with a bunch like the guardians…

Georgia Lyn Hunter loves to create characters who’ll take you to the far and beyond to unforgettable adventures, steamy encounters and heart-stopping love stories…

She grew up in the sultry climate of South Africa and currently lives in the Middle East with her family. An avid reader from a young age, she devoured every book she got her hands on. When she’s not writing or plotting her next novel, she loves trolling flea markets and buying things she’d never use ( because they’re so pretty,) traveling, painting, and being with her wonderfully supportive family.

She’d love to hear from readers.  
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