Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat (The Confidential Files of Dr. John H. Watson Book 1) by Joanna Campbell Slan #Books #Fantasy #suspense

Let’s see in what kind of trouble Sherlock gets himself into this time. (Ever seen Disney’s Basil the Mouse Detective? There was a rat there, too.)

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat (The Confidential Files of Dr. John H. Watson Book 1) by Joanna Campbell Slan released in September in the fantasy suspense genre.

The world was not prepared for this story, a conspiracy hatched in the highest levels of the British government. A rogue Minister of Defense plans to turn soldiers into blood-thirsty animals—and Holmes and Watson may be among their first victims.

The adventure starts when Holmes is warned away from investigating Jack the Ripper’s heinous crimes. Despite Holmes’ well known skills, he is sidelined. He must content himself with a straightforward case, finding a bolting beau, the result of a simple lovers’ quarrel.

But that “romance gone wrong” is really the key to a nasty secret with tendrils reaching all the way to a Sumatran island. That’s where four castaways made a difficult decision. They turned their backs on a society that sent them packing and allowed themselves to be infected with a deadly virus. After all, they never expected to ever come home again… And they certainly never expected to be considered lethal weapons! Can Holmes and Watson stop them from being used for evil purposes?

This fast-paced adventure will take Holmes and Watson from the dregs of London to its noble heights. The two friends will travel from Bedlam, the hospital for the insane, to stately Windsor Park. Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat is a fast-paced thrill ride that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you like historical thrillers with a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love this series. Each book stays true to Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend, John Watson, whilst featuring a cast of real people and issues pertinent to the times.

The book will be $0.99.

By now the moon was full and bright and shining down. I’d been focusing on the warrior who had run off with the rat, but suddenly I heard groans and whimpers and cries and yips like a dog makes. These noises were coming from the natives. At the same time, some horrid force seemed to hit them all at once because they pitched forward onto their hands and knees. George and Frank and I watched the natives writhe and twist as if in pain. All of them! Every one of them, including the children. The only exception were those three women with the infants in the cage. They watched calmly as the spectacle unfolded. The groans and cries continued, echoing into the night. From our place in the cage, the moonlight offered illumination, but not so much that we could see all clearly. The cries and yips and moans grew louder and louder and then, surprisingly, fell into silence. A change seemed to come upon the natives, but what that change was, we could not tell at first.

All we could do was watch in awed silence, trying to parse what was happening. I think Frank was the first to speak, “Look! Can you see it? They are turning into wolves!”

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanna Campbell Slan has penned more than 40 books. She writes four mystery series and has won the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence for her historical romance. Visit her at

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