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Let’s welcome Jill, and her debut novel with a fantastic cover. PS: I want my Christmas tree to be like that, this year!

Jill Piscitello is a teacher with a passion for writing and an avid fan of multiple literary genres.  “Homemakers’ Christmas” is her first novel, published by Stain Romance, an imprint of Melange Publishing.

A native of New England, Jill lives with her family and three well-loved cats. When not planning lessons or reading and writing, she can be found spending time with her family, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and going on light hikes.  Although she divides her reading hours among several books at a time, a lighthearted story offering an escape from the real world can always be found on her nightstand.

Weekend Book Recommendation

I spent much of my free time this summer reading classics.  These are the books that set the stage for today’s romance novels and movies.  Any fan of Jane Austen would surely attest to that.  Since the 1815 first publication of “Emma”, how many adaptations of this romantic tale have been created?  There are at least four movies that I know of, a BBC series, and a musical.  My personal favorite is “Clueless”.  As a fan and author of sweet romance, it warms my heart to see the undying success of this story.

Although I adore the classic novel genre, it often entails a greater time commitment and more effort to process the words on the page.  It can best be described as a labor of love as I read through pages of vividly detailed settings in a race to return to the main characters.  However, reading Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca” was effortless.  This Gothic novel possesses all the bells and whistles you’d expect with mystery, terror, and love.  The setting is as eerie as it is picturesque.  Every word held my attention.

Maxim De Winter brings his young bride home to his Cornwall estate, Manderley, and his sinister housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, who is obsessed with his previous wife, Rebecca.  The isolated mansion feels more like a fully developed character than a mere backdrop to a story.  Haunted by Rebecca and tormented by Mrs. Danvers, the new Mrs. De Winter strives to solidify her role as the true mistress of Manderley.

Imagine my delight when soon after reading the last few lines, I learned that the movie is being released on October 21, 2020 starring Armie Hammer and Lily James.  First stop is the Alfred Hitchcock version from 1940 starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine!  A classic novel should always be followed with the classic movie.

Purchase Links:

The release date is October 20, 2020 but the book is available to ‘order’ now at the sites below.

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Kobo- (coming soon)

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Jill is bringing us a touching story perfect for Christmas.

Homemakers’ Christmas by Jill Piscitello will release Tuesday in the Contemporary, Holiday Romance.

A recent error in judgement has deposited Cricket Williams, her daughter, and a son spiking a high fever into a homeless shelter. A touch of Christmas magic is sprinkled upon her family when an eccentric volunteer invites them into her New England farmhouse. Blindsided with the proposition of a contractual living arrangement, Cricket is seized with renewed hope for her future.

Boris Glynn is in town visiting his grandmother but harbors a secret that will impact her life and the lives of his dearest friends. Complications arise when he is unable to restrain himself from pursuing his grandmother’s beautiful new neighbor.

As Cricket begins to succumb to Boris’s attention, her new world is shaken by a series of events that have the potential to destroy her plans for a fresh start.

An excerpt can be found in the link below:

Find Jill:

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