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Ruth always sends me such lovely pictures along with her posts, and such great books!!!

Hi – I’m Ruth A. Casie and I write historical and contemporary romance. You might be wondering what I’m about. Sit back and let me tell you. I’m happiest when I’m telling stories either chatting in a group or writing them down. I love to put my hero and heroine in tough situations and dare them to work it out–together, always together. They haven’t disappointed. Oh, they complain but in the end their love and relationships are stronger than ever. 

My stories feature strong women and the men who deserve them, endearing flaws and all. They will keep you turning the pages until the end. I hope my books become your favorite adventures.

Here are five things you probably don’t know about me.
1. I filled my passport up in one year.
2. I have three series. The Druid Knight stories are a historical time travel series. The Stelton Legacy is historical fantasy about the seven sons of a seventh son. Havenport Romances are stories set in a small coastal town in Rhode Island. I also write stories in the connected world the Pirates of Britannia.
3. I did a rap to “How Many Trucks Can a Tow Truck Tow If a Tow Truck Could Tow Trucks.”
4. When I cook I dance.
5. My Sudoku book is in the bathroom. I’m not saying anything else about that.
6. I’m a USA Today bestselling author.

6 Reason Why I LOVE Glasgow

By I’m Ruth A. Casie

I’m not sure which came first, writing romances with Scottish heroes or loving Scotland. I traveled extensively in my corporate travels years ago but never got much farther than Glasgow. Last year my husband surprised me and we spent fourteen days touring the country. I came home loving Scotland even more. Here are six reason why I LOVE Scotland.

1. The Scottish Accent – ‘take out the garbage’ sounded romantic. Here’s a two minute lesson that we should have taken before we started our trip. https://youtu.be/UUyY8QbMuOo

2. Beautiful scenery – We started in Edinburgh, went up past Sterling Castle to Orkney and saw Skara Brae (the setting for one of my stories), across to the Isle of Skye, Glenfinnan were we saw the bridge from Harry Potter, and finished in Glasgow.

3. Great Food – we stopped at this wonderful place, The Coach House in Luss and had the most delicious chicken soup.

4. Castles were everywhere – On our way to Edinburgh from the Isle of Skye we were supposed to go for a sail on one of the lochs but the water was too choppy. Instead we stopped at Eilean Donan Castle. This was another great surprise. This castle is on the cover of one of my books.

5. Hielan Coos – Highland cows are icons of Scotland. Often called hairy coos, their heritage stretches back to the days of the clans. Highland cattle are fairly widespread and here are a few suggestions about where you can see them, as well as some background information you’ll enjoy. So, how do you say Hielan Coos? OK, let’s sort out the words. Coo is Scots for cow. Hielan (sort of rhyming with ‘feelin”) is the Scots way to pronounce Highland.

Highland cow in summer mountain meadow

6. The Buttery in Glasgow. I remembered this restaurant from a business dinner I had there twenty years ago. I was surprised my husband remembered I mentioned it. I was doubly surprised when he took me there for our anniversary dinner.

The trip was filled with great places and fantastic experiences and we came away with wonderful memories. I’m still in a quandary, which came first for me, writing romances with Scottish heroes or loving Scotland. I think we need another trip to figure it out!


Here’s her latest story, which is simply perfect. Donald: Pirates of Britannia Connected World (Sons of Sagamore Book 3) by Ruth A. Casie will release the 28 of this month in the Tudor, Historical romance.

He surrendered his heart and would give his life for her to succeed. Andrea Ricard, an inquisitive scholar of antiquities travels with her uncle to help him with his trade business. When she finds her mother’s family name on a piece of a map associated with the location of a rare relic, she is compelled to find it. Nothing will get in her way to unearth its secrets.

Donald MacDougall Tyler Eden has enjoyed a carefree life, but over the last year he has found satisfaction working with his brother Hugh, who has a successful investment business. He has forged a close relationship with one of their business partners, Andrea’s uncle. On a visit to Hugh, Donald meets Andrea and is smitten. When Andrea finds that an antique in Hugh’s collection contains another piece to her mysterious map she is more determined than ever to find the relic. Donald is drawn into her adventure and volunteers to accompany her on her quest.

Andrea has only told Donald half-truths for fear he would not join her. The relic is surrounded by mystery and prophecy. A disgraced soldier with hopes of repairing his relationship with the king has found out about the relic and is just as determined as Andrea to secure it for himself.

Andrea and Donald’s belief in what’s right as well as each other will be tested on a journey filled with adventure and hardships as they race across the vineyards of the Champagne region in France, up the east coast of England to an ancient church in Bamburgh.

Can Andrea and her MacDougall warrior resolve the mystery, face the prophecy,

vanquish the villain… and find their happily ever after?

Currently on PreOder for 99 cents only!

Did he really expect her to believe that story? A mysterious box hidden in a secret room. She had all she could do not to laugh in his face.

He pulled away. “I can see you don’t believe me. I suppose you give me no choice but to prove myself.”

He went to the other bookcase, opened a small door, and put his hand in. Moments later she heard a soft click and jumped when the bookcase moved. The right edge of the bookcase moved forward. Donald swung the bookcase on its hinges and revealed a secret room.

“M’lady.” He bowed and ushered her into the room.

He had that I-told-you-so look in his eyes and a delightful smirk on his lips that for a moment she wanted to kiss. She blinked a few times shocked at her very idea. Oh, but she longed for his lips on hers.

Buy Link  http://bit.ly/Donald-SonsofSagamore

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