My #Review of Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilic #Historical #Erotica

Wow, I loved how this book is made, and its stories.

Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilic released in September in the Historical erotica genre.

Charles Baudelaire, Rasputin, Anna Karenina, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, Fyodor Dostoevsky, George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Vincent Van Gogh, Antonin Artaud, Maria Izquierdo, James Joyce, Federico Garcia Lorca, Salvador Dali.

Can Rasputin find redemption through the sins of others? What awaits Anna Karenina on the other side? Does passion still flow through the veins of the lovers from Verona? Can Hamlet and Ophelia escape their fate? Is Van Gogh’s loneliness a blessing or a curse? And can Dali dispel Lorca’s fear.

Eli Gilić deftly weaves fact and fiction to bring some of the world’s great writers, literary characters, artists and composers to life as they reach the heights of passion and the depths of despair in this mesmerising erotic short story collection.

Goodreads: Slaves to Desire

This is a very interesting bunch of stories.

Let me start by saying, and maybe if you follow me you know this already, erotica is not my thing. Usually. But when erotica takes a step further, then yes. Because it gravitates into sex, which is where we are at our most exposed (pun not really intended, but okay).

And boy, doesn’t this book and all its stories deliver.

In each one you can see a different shade of what sex can be and mean for different couples.

It’s not about stories with a resolution as much as a study on how sex can be a tool, a weapon, or saving grace. The psychological profile of the characters is always sharp and honest, and the atmosphere follows. From dreamy, to dry and disillusioned, all the way to redemption (and sometimes all of those in one couple), every story will make you think about what an activity usually discounted as something physical and easy (like sex is) can be more. So much more.

The author is so versatile and completely disappears, letting the characters tell all in their own voice.

The good thing about having all those short stories is, also, that you can read one, mull over it for a while, and carry on with the next. It’s a 5 stars for me, well deserved.

The Author

Eli Gilic is a translator, author, and avid booklover from Belgrade, Serbia. Four years ago, she moved from the capital to a house in the woods with her three dogs and parrot. She loves gardening, cooking, hiking, jumping from waterfalls, and creating enchanting worlds with words.

Insta: Eli Gilic (@eli.gilic) • Instagram photos and videos

FB: Eli Gilic


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