Release Day for The Art of Serendipity by Karen Anne #Romance #Contemporary

This is one of the best new spin to an otherwise classic plot. I love the emailing, the troubled son, and pretty much everything about this story.

The Art of Serendipity by Karen Anne releases today in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance genre.

Lorelei Parker has her dream job teaching AP English at an elite prep school on the upper east side. Between her love of literature & moderating the school drama club, Lorelei is more than content. But when her star student is caught with drugs and expelled, Lorelei discovers life is about to become as complicated as one of her books.

When a call from his ex-wife alerts him that his son has just been kicked out of the prestigious Astley Academy, Jack Flynn’s quiet life on his ranch in North Carolina is uprooted. Not knowing how to fix Brodie’s shattered senior year, he takes his son under his wing, hoping life on the ranch and some hard work will be a way to reach the son he feels he’s lost.

The last thing Lorelei expected was an email from Jack Flynn asking her advice on how to help his son, Brodie. So begins an email exchange between the two that unlocks a secret, a way to get Brodie back on track, and a budding romance that can only be described as serendipity.


On the home screen, I clicked on a tab called History of Flynn farms. An old black and white photograph of Brodie’s great-grandfather and his brother appeared. I scrolled down some more, and by the 1970s, there was another picture of two men. One I assumed was Brodie’s grandfather.

I continued to scroll until a I found a new picture. This one was taken probably a decade ago, but my heart gave a little jolt at the caption. Jack and Chris Flynn, current owners of Flynn Ranchers are the third generation to run the ranch. I clicked on the image to open it in another window. I swallowed as it appeared, and I was able to really see Jack for the first time.

He was very handsome with honey-colored hair and bright green eyes. Even from the picture I could tell that he had a strong, broad build. The brothers were standing in between two horses, their hands on the reins. I was unable to tear my eyes away from Jack’s. I never expected him to look like this. I had hoped—but I didn’t know why. It’s not like anything could ever happen. Too many states lay between us.

            “Oh! Who’s that?” Megan walked past and got a glimpse of my screen. “Oh! Are you looking for strippers for my bachelorette party, because originally I was going to say hell no, but if you can secure that, I’m down for a cowboy theme.” She handed me a cup of coffee.

            “Sorry, no stripper.” She sat beside me and took a sip from her own mug.

            “So, who is he?”

            “That’s Jack Flynn.”

            “Jack Flynn…” Her eyes grew wide as she made the connection. “Jack? The dad you have a weird pen-pal relationship with Jack?”

            “Yeah. That’s him.” My words came out rather breathless. I still couldn’t believe this was the man on the other side of those emails.

            “Did you know he looked like that?”

            “Uh… no.. I mean, Brodie, his son, is a handsome kid, but this is not at all what I expected. This is—”

            Megan plopped down on the floor next to my chair. “What fantasies are made of.”

            “Pretty much.”

            “Well, what are you going to say in your next email? You should totally suggest meeting. Say you always wanted to ride a horse or something like that.”

            “They have horseback lessons in New York. I think it would be a bit obvious if I showed up at his ranch for a casual lesson.”

            It was clear Megan wasn’t listening to my reason. She was too busy fanning herself. “Promise me if you ever get together, you do it in the barn, like bang it out in the hay.”

            “I don’t think he has a barn.”

            “What’s that in the background, then?” She pointed to the picture.

            “I think it’s a stable.”

            Megan rolled her eyes. “Same thing.”

            “Not really. A barn is more like a storage unit.”

Megan swung me around in my swivel chair by my knees so I’d be face to face with her. “Stop being a walking dictionary for once and listen to me. I’m off the market, but you’re not. You need to live for every girl out there who has ever had a cowboy fantasy.”

AUTHOR BIO: Karen Anne was writing before she could read. As a toddler, she sat with a book in her hands and made up the stories, eager for the day when she’d find out if it all truly ended in happily ever after. Karen still determines the destiny of other people’s lives, but this time, the characters are her own.

She is a Contemporary Romance author who lives in New York.
Coffee drinker by day, wine enthusiast by night, she loves cats and deeply misses 90’s grunge.
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