#NewRelease #Princess #Bachelorette: An Exclusive Selection of Princess Bachelorette Stories

If you like princess, if you like fairytales, if you want to cut with all this crap around and just dream for a while, this is the perfect way to go.

Princess Bachelorette: An Exclusive Selection of Princess Bachelorette Stories released Wednesday in the Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult genre.

Your favorite fairytale love stories, but not how you remember them…
Enchanted Quill Press takes you on a journey to far away lands and kingdoms that need an heir to continue their reign.

Come on a journey to meet the fairytale princesses you know and love and find out how they met their love match in these never seen before retellings.

With a matchmaking competition to win the heart of the princess, this set will leave you wondering, will she choose her Prince Charming


GIVEAWAYBlitz-wide giveaway (INT)

  • Princess Prize Pack

Link: https://kingsumo.com/g/6mbpmz/princess-bachelorette-giveaway

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