Give It Up For The Weekend with Cindy Tomamichel ~ A book I enjoyed! (And New Release!)

I always say that having an author telling to read another author’s work is the highest compliment. I mean, we can be such pain in the rear as readers! And it’s why I’m very happy about having Cindy Tomamichel here with me today, and hear what she has to say about a book she enjoyed. Plus, she tells us more about her latest release, which is the coolest collection.

Cindy Tomamichel is a writer of action adventure romance novels, spanning time travel, sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, and sword and sorcery genres. They all have something in common – sword fights! The heroines don’t wait to be rescued, and the heroes earn that title the hard way. 

Kat Caulberg’s “Three Star Island”

by Cindy Tomamichel

As an author of time travel romance, I am always fascinated by the various methods other authors use as the mechanism for time travel. These can be the simple – step through a stone circle or archway method that is often employed for Scottish romances. Or a more scientific mechanical invention – “Timeline” by Michael Crichton employs an elaborate explanation involving quantum foam.

The other aspect is how the traveller manages. Are they knowledgeable about the time period? Or are they completely ignorant and in almost immediate need of rescue?

One book that I have enjoyed is Kat Caulberg’s novel “Three Star Island”.  The story uses a natural phenomenon for the travel mechanism – a time portal that opens at a predictable time and space interval. The problem with this is that the traveller – Penny – is unable to calculate the next opening. A student of local history, she is stranded in a time she knows well.

Yet this book differs – the time travel which is often the opening incident – has taken place five years ago, and Penny has settled in as a hermit, lonely, and struggling with local prejudice. It is an interesting divergence on the time travel standard and produces some great plot twists. The arrival of an injured pirate on her beach is surprising, but not so surprising is that she knows him – and that sometime in this past he vanished from history.

There is great depth to this time travel romance – Penny has her own issues with poor decisions from loneliness and anxiety. Will she travel back to her home time after so long away – or will she stay with a pirate with a bloody reputation and an uncertain future?  Comedy, passion and action spice up this novel, making it a page turner.

Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg on Amazon

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As I told you, Cindy has a new release to share with us.

Askew Ever After: A Limited Edition Contemporary Romance Collection by Cindy Tomamichel and other authors will release December 21 in the Holiday Romance, Anthologies genre.

Escape with these 20+ stories about love, life, and happy ever after (or at least happy for now). 
This is a limited edition collection of contemporary romance, including small town romance, unlikely attraction romance, LGBTQ+ romance, forbidden love romance, YA romance, and romantic suspense. This set includes international bestselling authors and those who are making their debut with these happy ever afters. 

If you love love, then this is the collection for you.  Find your happy ever after with Askew Ever After.

Only 99 cents

From “Rocky Road to Love” by Cindy Tomamichel

Sandra watched as a motley assortment of people descended the stairs, old couples rather over clad in woolly jumpers, children running in excitement, eager to escape the enforced stillness of travel. A bearded old man with wire rimmed glasses climbed down, leaning heavily on the railing for support, and then using a cane as he crossed the tarmac. This must be him. She stepped forward, holding out her hand.

‘Hello, I’m Sandra Sullivan,” she said, as he stopped, rather hesitatingly in the passenger’s lounge.

As she searched his face for some sign of recognition, she was roughly buffeted out of the way by what seemed like a horde of children, all yelling in various tones, “Grandpa, we thought you would never get here.”

 Face flaming, Sandra stepped out of the way. In doing so, she collided into someone else.

“Oh, sorry,” she exclaimed, before turning.

He stood in front of her with a half-smile, “Miss Sullivan, I presume?” His hand was still on her upper arm, where he had tried to steady her after the collision.

“Yeees…” Sandra almost stuttered. Dear Lord, were they filming in town again? This man was movie star gorgeous. She swallowed hard, trying to collect her senses. He knew her…which meant…

“I’m Dan Makepeace.” His voice was warm, with the slow drawl of a born Queenslander. He stood taller than she by half a head, with a lean tanned face, and dark blue eyes. Sunglasses rested on his head, holding back thick hair, so black as to have blueish highlights. Sandra offered her hand, and an automatic, “pleased to meet you.” As his strong calloused fingers enveloped her hand, she took another deep breath, hoping she didn’t blush like an idiotic schoolgirl.

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