New Release: Who’s Your Daddy? by Caren Crane, Jeanne Adams, Nancy Northcott and Meet the Author

Now, I know what the title sounds like. And let me say there’s nothing I dislike more. Only the thought of saying that to any man… it’s a big, solid no followed by fighting a retch. But (and here’s the surprise): this is actually, literally, what this stories are about. And that got a chuckle out of me which, paired with that amazing cover, pulled me into this book.

Who’s Your Daddy? by by Caren Crane, Jeanne Adams, Nancy Northcott released Saturday in the Contemporary Romance genre.

Brown-Eyed Boy by Caren Crane A carpenter discovers his father isn’t actually his father. Coming to terms with the truth reaffirms his place in his family, but it also leads him to love with an old friend’s sister and helps him find a path for his life.

Lost in Time by Jeanne Adams A lawyer learns his grandmother had a secret marriage before his father was born. With the help of a talented genealogist, he tracks down his ancestry. Will he find the truth about his grandmother’s secret before whoever’s trying to kill him succeeds?

Worth Waiting For by Nancy Northcott A burned-out spy goes home for a holiday and re-encounters the woman he never dated but never forgot. As he and she grow closer, he learns her niece, his ex-girlfriend’s child, bears an uncanny resemblance to him. When the truth comes out, it will alter three lives.

Presenting three tales of secrets revealed and histories uncovered by DNA testing.

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From Worth the Wait by Nancy Northcott

Arachne opened the file on his desk. “You’ve led takedowns on four major drug rings and six sets of human traffickers in the last twenty-one months. In all that time, you’ve taken five days off. You need a break.”

“It was a long day, with a couple of badly messed-up kids in it,” Dix replied. “That guy pushed a button that wouldn’t have mattered on a better day.”

Maybe. He hoped.

“You don’t look like you’re sleeping well, per the medical staff, and your colleagues have noticed you’re on edge a lot.”

“They’re mistaken,” Dix snapped.

Arachne raised one eyebrow.

Shit. Of course he wasn’t sleeping well, not with dead and mutilated and traumatized kids walking in his dreams. Who would sleep with that going on?

Arachne continued, “There’s a reason we provide paid vacation. You have almost three years’ worth accrued.”

“I don’t need a break, sir.” Only the press of work kept the dreams at bay. But he had to offer a compromise or find himself benched—for a long time, judging by the boss’s expression. “Yeah, what those kids went through bothers me. It bothers us all. Goes with the job. A couple of days off, a chance to do some reading, maybe go to a museum, and I’ll be fine.”

“We’re past that, and medical concurs. I’m benching you, Agent Dixon. For a month.”

A month? Panic clawed at his throat. An entire month with nothing to fend off the images that haunted him day and night?

AUTHOR Bios and Links:

Jeanne Adams writes award-winning romantic suspense, fantasy/paranormal, Urban Fantasy and space adventure that’s been compared to Jack McDevitt and Robert Heinlein. She also knows all about getting rid of the bodies. Both traditionally and indie published, Jeanne has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. She teaches highly sought after classes on Body Disposal for Writers and Plotting for Pantzers, as well as How to Write a Fight Scene with her pal Nancy Northcott.

Any Messages in your Book?

Hi Viviana! Thanks so much for inviting us to be on your blog today! My story in Who’s Your Daddy?!? Is called Lost in Time. Lawyer Derek Millington is staying in his late grandmother’s house in the DC suburbs, trying to decide what to do with her things. He discovers evidence that his late grandfather isn’t his biological grandfather. That sets him on a path of discovery to find out who his real grandfather might be, with the help of a genealogical expert, Alexis Chase. It seems simple until someone tries to kill them. Apparently at least one person doesn’t want the truth revealed.

If there is a theme, it’s that family is what you make it and love is the most important gift in the world. In addition, I think it shows that learning who you are and where you came from doesn’t slot you into a certain path. It’s something I firmly believe – your destiny isn’t preordained, but is determined by your choices. Both Derek and Alexis have to decide who they are, both together and individually. Oh, and they have to stay alive. Hope you and your readers enjoy it!

Twitter: @JeanneAdams

Instagram: @JPAGryphon

Caren Crane began writing warm, witty contemporary romance and women’s fiction to save herself from the drudgery of life in the office. An electrical engineer by training, she longed to create worlds where things were any color except cube-wall gray. She still works in a cubicle, but gets to hang out with witty, fabulous people whenever she’s writing, which greatly encourages butt-in-chair time.

Caren lives in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and semi-feral rescue cat. She has three fiercely intelligent, gorgeous grown children, having neatly side-stepped her mother’s threat that she would have children Just Like Her. You can find info and excerpts at

Nancy Northcott’s childhood ambition was to grow up and become Wonder Woman.  Around fourth grade, she realized it was too late to acquire Amazon genes, but she still loved comic books, history, and genre fiction. A sucker for fast action and wrenching emotion, Nancy combines the romance and high stakes (and sometimes the magic) she loves in the books she writes.

She’s the author of the Light Mage Wars/Protectors paranormal romances, the Lethal Webs and Arachnid Files romantic suspense series, and the historical fantasy trilogy The Boar King’s Honor. With author Jeanne Adams, she co-writes the Outcast Station space opera series. Website:

Twitter: @NancyNorthcott



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  • One copy each of Kick Start by Caren Crane, Dead Run by Jeanne Adams, and Danger’s Edge by Nancy Northcott.


  1. Thanks so much for having us and featuring the book, Viviana! This anthology was really fun to write. My story was one that came to me when writing my last Cross Springs novel. The hero, Eric, is from a large family and is the only one of his siblings without the blue or gray eyes his family is known for. Of course, he was endlessly teased by his siblings and all through school, but he tried not to let it bother him. His troublemaker sister-in-law is the one who bought everyone the DNA kits for Christmas. She wasn’t being malicious, but is not someone who could resist the chance to know everything. Eric cannot believe it when he gets the results. His dad is long dead, but his mother is very much alive. She has some serious explaining to do!

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  2. I do hope you’ll give it a try, Diana. We had so much fun writing it. The stories are each very different and come at the DNA angle differently. All great stuff! (Okay, I may be a little partial, but they really are wonderful.)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thanks for hosting us, Viviana! I had a great time writing my story. I set it in a small town because I grew up in one and know their dynamics pretty well. The downside is that everyone knows your business, but that’s offset by the fact that if you need help, someone will reach out—maybe several someones!

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  4. Hi Nancy, Jeanne, and Caren! *waving* I enjoyed your stories. It’s an intriguing premise upon which to base them and with the number of people taking DNA tests, I’m willing to bet this kind of thing happens more than we’d think. So, a question for each of you. Have you done a DNA test? If so, were there any surprises in the results?

    Liked by 3 people

    • PJ, my family and I did DNA tests through 23andme. I love their service, because they give you all of your genetic code (unlike Ancestry), plus they provide you with ongoing medical insights as they are developed. They also have a partnership with MyHeritage, so you can do all the fun genealogical stuff, if that’s your jam. The only thing that really surprised me about my results were that I have markers for lactose intolerance, which does run in my family. According to my results, I should be lactose intolerant. I am not. One of my daughters is, though. The poor thing got the genes from both me and her dad. She had no chance! My other two kids are not lactose intolerant, thank goodness. I was also surprised to find I have one of a pair of genes for celiac disease, which causes a person not to be able to digest gluten. My sister-in-law and nephew both have this. So, my brother clearly has this gene, too, and passed it on to his son. You have to have it from both sides to present with celiac. Happily, they found out about my nephew’s when he was 5, so he doesn’t have permanent damage to his colon. It’s all fascinating!

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    • Hey PJ! Waving madly back your way! I recently did the 23andme DNA test. I’ve got one for Ancestry too but haven’t done it yet. I didn’t have any real surprises – mostly British Isles, some German, Some subSaharan Africa, some Swiss. The medical deets, as Caren mentioned were cool too, but very few surprises as my sister and I have been doing genealogy research together for more than 30 years. (That’s scary, actually) We started when we were in our teens. I was finally able to wave the results at my brothers and refute the long-standing (and annoying) tease that I was adopted. Snork! Given that I look pretty much exactly like my mom, that one was always hard to get too ruffled by. Ha! What about you?

      Liked by 3 people

      • No huge surprises, Jeanne. My majority England/Scotland/Ireland with a dab of France were what I had been led to expect growing up. I was surprised by the Scandinavian and Italian that showed up but hey, Vikings. Plus, Italians men do love to spread the love, no? 😉 No Native American showed in my results though I do have documented proof of a Canadian Ojibwe ancestor.

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  5. PJ, we had so many stories of a Cherokee ancestor and a purported Osage ancestor. None of that showed up in either my DNA or my brother’s when he took the test. Too bad…they were great stories!

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