Celebrate Audiobook Month with Jess the Audiobookworm

On top of Father’s Day, my birthday (big 4-0 this year), and my 21st anniversary, June is Audiobook Month! To celebrate, I’m very happy to have a pro in the matter, someone who’s behind the scene and makes sure all those stories come to you in your favorite format: Jess the Audiobookworm.

Hi Jess, and thank you so much for being here with us today.

First off, tell us about yourself!

Hey there, everyone! I’m Jess the Audiobookworm. I run The Audiobookworm, an audiobook review blog, and Audiobookworm Promotions, a web-based company offering audiobook promotional services. I’m also an admin over at Audiobook Empire.

I started blogging about audiobooks in 2015 and, although reviewing has recently taken a backseat to my promotional services, my audiobook listening lifestyle has never slowed.

I’m passionate about introducing people to the audiobook format and discussing our listening loves on social media. Reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

How did you come to love audiobooks?

Honestly? It was a bit of an accident. I grew up with a voracious appetite for reading, but as I got older, it dwindled. Life got in the way. I became busier and began to accept that reading was a luxury I didn’t have time for anymore. I’m sure this is something a lot of folks can relate to.

My seemingly incidental introduction to audiobooks re-opened a door I thought had been shut forever. I’m not being dramatic, I genuinely thought that part of becoming an adult meant that I wouldn’t have time for a luxury such as reading. Audiobooks not only allow me to fit reading into my schedule, but now I’m able to consume more books than ever!

What made you decide to pursue it professionally?

The need for it. I certainly didn’t start blogging about audiobooks with the intention of ever turning it into any sort of profession. But it became apparent to me that the need was there and no one was really stepping up to the plate, at least, not in this way.

The industry was largely being ignored when it came to marketing, especially indie audiobooks. I already had a lot of the knowledge, skills, and contacts needed to begin promoting audiobooks, so I felt it would have really been a shame not to step in and make things happen for independent authors and audiobooks.

There were parties on both sides that were being ignored. There were authors and narrators who needed help promoting their titles and there were bloggers and listeners, like myself, who wanted access to indie audiobooks. I just help to bridge the gap.

What do you say to someone who looks down on audiobook listening as inferior to reading?

I say, check your privilege. Yes, reading is a privilege. Would you spew that kind of book hatred or snobbery to someone with a visual impairment or a physical disability preventing them from holding a book? Of course you wouldn’t. Or, at least, I hope you wouldn’t. You have no idea what causes someone to turn to audiobook listening. Yes, it may be a choice of convenience. But it could also be one circumstance. You just don’t know.

Studies have shown that the best method of comprehension is actually a combination of reading and listening. Therefore, listening is of just as much value as reading. #NeuroscienceFTW

Oh, and don’t come at me with the argument saying that reading is the older and, therefore, better form of literature. Oral storytelling was around way before books.

What’s your favorite thing to do while listening to an audiobook?

Coloring! I was introduced to the idea of coloring while listening by a fellow audiobook blogger and, at first, I admit that I thought it a little strange.  But that was only until I tried it!

One of the best things about being an audiobook listener is the ability to multitask. You can accomplish all sorts of things while listening to a book. Things that you would never be able to do if you actually read it. However, I’ve come to find out that there’s something really special about just being still and listening. Audiobooks are so transportive. But it’s not always easy to be still and that’s where busy work comes in. If you can find a truly mindless task, one that doesn’t require a lot of brain power or concentration, the truly immersive audio experience can begin.

It could be washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, doodling in a sketchpad, or something like that. For me, it’s coloring. Coloring allows my hands to be occupied while my mind listens to the audiobook. If I’m having trouble connecting with a certain story, I’ll take a couple of hours and just color while listening to it. It works like magic!

Are you doing anything special for ‘June is Audiobook Month’?

To be honest, every month is audiobook month for me, but I love that there’s a recognized calendar month for audiobook appreciation.

In addition to what I normally do through Audiobookworm Promotions, I also put together an annual audiobook bingo game.

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