On Tour with Disaster (Love in the Apple, #3) by Dakota Issacs and Meet the Author

Okay, listen, here’s the deal. I don’t think the cover was well thought. If there’s an image I pictured in my head after reading the synopsis, well, it’s not the guy in the cover, bless him and his gorgeous, gorgeous hair. Mind you, I’m saying this without having read the book, so take it with caution. But. I really liked the story. And, after I read the Author talking about the hero, I was SO in! There’s a particular line that she wrote in the post that did me in, and I put it in Italic. Let me know if it doesn’t make you want to get that book and know that guy.

Disaster (Love in the Apple, #3) by Dakota Issacs released in March in the Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance genre.

There are bad haircuts, and then there’s the bright orange mullet that sits atop Audra Harrison’s head:
Outright Disaster
A chastity belt you can wear on your head.

All Audra wants is for the Salon Apprentice to try and fix it. When she refuses Audra has no choice but to write a review warning other New Yorkers away from this over hyped salon.
When the salon manages to pull down the review, Audra declares war.
It becomes her mission to post pictures of her bad hair on every photo share app she can find.
Then her enemy comes for her. Hamish Stuart: the hair whisperer himself. Over six feet of beautifully muscled Scotsman that’s used to having supermodels and A list Actresses fall at his feet.
Now that he’s met her he wants more than apologies. He wants her heart.


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AUTHOR BIO:I’m Dakota Issacs. I live in Manhattan with my husband where I drink too much coffee and read too many books. I love all sorts of romance from Historical to Contemporary. I write Contemporary Romances that are sweet with heat. You’ll always find a happy ending with no cliffhangers. If you want to talk books drop me a note at dakotaissacs@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

Viviana wanted to know a little more about the characters, and I’m so glad she asked, because this couple is my favorite.

Hamish Stuart appears to be a man who has everything.  He owns a fleet of expensive salons.  He has a line of upscale hair products.  He does makeovers on daytime tv.  He’s even graced the cover of Vogue.  Oh, and he’s impossibly good-looking, with a sexy Scottish burr to match.

He is also a man who works fourteen-hour days, who never gets enough sleep and whose social life primarily consists of escorting clients to high profile events.  He’s lonely in a way he doesn’t even fully comprehend.

Hamish has built an empire and it’s overwhelming to try to maintain it singlehandedly.  But he built it for a particularly good reason, so that he can provide for his single Mum and his siblings.  And he won’t let anyone destroy it.

He’s the oldest in a family of four.  He was raised by a woman who worked two jobs just to be able to put food on the table. 

His high school teachers steered him towards trade school. He chose hairdressing because that’s where the girls were.  But he quickly learned that hairdressing provided a good living to anyone willing to work hard for it.   He saw that he had a knack for it, and that it’s a powerful occupation.  He can make a woman feel confidant, beautiful, and powerful.  He loves that feeling.

Audra Harrison was raised in a series of foster homes.  Where he had a wonderful mom, she wasn’t as lucky.  But like Hamish she is incredibly driven, and she’s worked hard for everything she has.  For the first time in her life she has a home of her own.  A tiny apartment in West Harlem which she shares with her best friend.  Thanks to a combination of scholarships and loans, she has just completed her master’s in forensic biology, and landed an Internship at the top lab in Manhattan.  She plans to nail the Internship and turn it into a job.    Audra Harrison is going to catch bad guys for a living.

She wants to celebrate her new job, with a new look.  She doesn’t have a lot of money, so she gets creative.  Jesse her best friend/roomie helps her thrift store shop for a new professional wardrobe, and when she finds an apprentice at the Stuart Salon who’s willing to cut her hair for free, she feels like she’s won the lotto.    

The actual haircut turns out to be an epic disaster.  All she wanted was a presentable new look to help her nail her dream job.  Now her look is so laughable it could hurt her chances to get the job she’s worked years for.   All she wants is for someone at the overhyped salon to take some responsibility and help her fix it.

Her pleas are met with a rude response, and threats of a lawsuit.  She can’t believe she ever crushed on the man.  If Hamish Stuart doesn’t want to do the right thing, then Audra will make him regret it.

You can find out what happens next in Disaster.  It’s available on Amazon, and free in Kindle Unlimited.

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