New Release: Free (An Eve’s Fury MC Novel, #1) by Rae B. Lake

I thought Free was because the book was on sale… don’t be me. Free is the title. And it’s very refreshing to have an MC woman with sound reasons to be who she is.

Free (An Eve’s Fury MC Novel, #1) by Rae B. Lake released Monday in the interracial, MC, contemporary genre.

Regret. This was not the life I wanted, nor the life I would have chosen for myself or my baby sister. Now I have a new family, a sisterhood forged from victims, a motorcycle club sworn to protect those who would be prey and destroy those who think themselves, predators.

I would do anything for my new family, but I am full of regret. I am taking my pain out on everyone, even my sisters, at the club. So when a protection detail for a local medicine woman comes up in the sticks, I jumped at the chance to be the point person for the job. You can’t get more peaceful than a cabin in the woods away from everyone and all the drama, right?

Wrong. A local gang has decided to target Catori and has made a habit of stealing the life-saving medicines that she gets for people in need. They decided to make her a permanent victim. We couldn’t allow that.

Things go from bad to worse when Jag, Catori’s nephew, decides that my sisters and I can’t be trusted to protect his aunt.

He’s annoying. He’s arrogant, and he pushes every button I have. But he’s the only one who can see through my mask.

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I let my ears grow accustomed to the wildlife scurrying around outside, the crickets, and occasional bird. It was so peaceful out here. There was no one screaming, no fighting, no bullets flying, nothing. It was just peace. I closed my eyes and felt my body floating blissfully to sleep. 

A vice grip squeezed my throat, and suddenly I was being lifted into the air. It happened so quickly that I thought I was still sleeping, only for a second. The lack of oxygen was enough to let me know that this was indeed real.

“The fuck are you doing in here?” A deep voice growled from behind me. The bastard held me against his chest by my neck, my feet clear off the floor, and my back to his front. Black spots flashed in my vision; I was about to pass out. I kicked and clawed at his hand, trying to get out of his grasp, but nothing I did made him loosen his grip. I couldn’t reach the floor, but I was able to get a foot on the couch and push back. I used enough force to cause him to stumble backward into the wall. He fell hard, all the pictures and decorations rattling hard against the wall. He released my throat for only a second, but it was enough for me to get away. I let myself drop to the floor and tried to crawl away. His hand was in my hair before I could get far. He yanked on my long ponytail and picked me back up. I spun in his grasp and punched him hard in his side, he let out a grunt but didn’t let go of my hair. I kneed him hard in his dick, causing him to bend down in pain, his hand dropped from my hair, and I reached to my side for my gun, it wasn’t there. I turned back to where I had once been sleeping, and I saw the deep grey chrome of the gun gleaming in the moonlight. It was sitting right there on the side table. I tried to lunge for it, but he must have seen what I was going for and he used his long leg to kick it out of reach, the gun hit the floor dangerously and skidded under the table.

“You fucking prick!” I screamed and reached down to my boot to pull out my knife, I pushed him back against the wall, and his hand went back to my hair, holding it in place. I put the blade up, ready to slice this bastard’s throat from ear to ear. 

“Stop! What the fuck are you two doing?” Tori screamed from the top of the stairs. Neither one of us moved. 

“Free? Jag?” Tori asked when she made it to where we’d fought like our lives depended on it.

“You know him?” I asked, still trying to stare the perp down.

“Know him? Of course, I know him. That’s my nephew.”

I sucked my teeth and looked back at the woman, “He was about to be your dead nephew.” I looked back at him and let his shirt go.

“You first.” He spoke calmly, but then he tapped the back of my head. I thought it was his finger, but it was too sharp to be a finger. I put my hand back, and sure enough, he had a sharp blade pressed firmly to the base of my head. 

Rae is a daydreamer, nurse, bookworm, nature enthusiast, wife, momma, animal activist, and an optimist. She has lived her entire life in NYC and loves to travel with her family. She writes about flawed bad boy alphas who fall hard for their women, there is always angst, always drama and always steam in whatever she writes. When she is not working as a nurse in her community, she can either be found reading, writing or taking a walk while listening to music. She has been writing books in her mind for as long as she can remember but decided that maybe there were others out in the world that would find joy in the words she would put down on the page.

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