Release Day for Afraid to Hope (Ancient Passages, Book 2) Sutton Bishop and Meet the Author

Following, all the good things I think about this book and its series: the covers, one more beautiful than the other. The series title, because it’s mysterious and evocative. The series thread, because I love stories about ancient stuff. And the fact that the third in the series is already in preorder, so you know you’ll be able to read it soon.

Afraid to Hope (Ancient Passages, Book 2) Sutton Bishop releases today in the Contemporary Romance, Adventure Romance genre.

Archaeologist and INTERPOL contractor Dr. Natasha Jordaan is on a dangerous mission to recover artifacts looted from Morocco—the home of her past and her heart. Trained, competent, and proven, the last thing she needs is a brash, infuriating babysitter, no matter how sexy he is.

Former special forces Bane Rua wants this starched-up professor in every way a man can have a woman, and he always gets what he wants. His duty might be to protect the beautiful doctor and recover the relics, but no one ever said he couldn’t have two assignments.

* For Mature Audiences Only * Smoking Hot Adult Sexual Situations *

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About Sutton:

Sutton Bishop enjoys having a foot in both worlds—real and make-believe. She has degrees in forensics and anthropology and a minor in world history. Her writing is inspired by her travels and life experiences. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, their four kids, and a passel of pets.

Hi Sutton, and thank you for being here with us today.

Can you tell us about the series as a whole? And what makes each book different?

Ancient Passages is a series of interrelated stand-alones. These contemporary, hot adventure romance novels are set all over the world, underpinned by the rich cultures and histories in which the stories play out. What ties the series together are the overarching themes of looting and destruction of priceless artifacts and the reappearances of characters.

I’m often asked if I’ve been to the places I write about. The answer is yes. I’m most comfortable writing from what I know. I place my stories in settings that have resonated with me at a spiritual level. My earliest memories are of an insatiable need to know about people, especially those who didn’t look like me or grow up as or where I did. I was fascinated by what shaped them and their perspectives—their cultures and histories. Studying anthropology was a decision I made in junior high, as soon as I understood what it encompassed. I added forensics later. I don’t work in those fields today. However, they continue to be lenses through which I perceive the world and my writing.

That the series opens in Guatemala with Afraid to Fall, Ancient Passages Book 1 (Ari and Luca’s story) was intentional. The Mayan culture has fascinated me since I was a young girl and I studied it intensely, long before I ever expected to be parenting a Mayan child. Serendipity, I guess. I was sucked in by the astounding brilliance and mysteries—exposed even more so with the latest discoveries. During each of my times in-country, I was very conscious to absorb everything I could while also comparing and contrasting the Mayan culture, most specifically with that of the Roman.

Afraid to Hope, Ancient Passages Book 2 releases today. This is Natasha and Bane’s story and is set in current day Morocco. Fans of the Ancient Passages series first met Dr. Natasha Jordaan in Afraid to Fall. While the story wasn’t hers, she played a pivotal role. Afraid to Hope has more heat. More suspense. More twists and turns. And fabulous food. A writer simply can’t write about the Moroccan culture and not mention the exquisite architecture and to-die-for food. (Ohmigod!) Readers will meet hunky as hell, dirty-talking Bane Rua and learn what makes bad ass Natasha tick.

Afraid to Love, Ancient Passages Book 3 is set in Italy. The cover is designed. It’s gorgeous. Readers of Afraid to Hope will have met my protagonists, and that’s all I’m going to say other than I’ve given my characters full license to play in my head and write and direct their stories. I’m gearing for a release date of early 2021.

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