Weekly at Vivi’s with Gina Gold ~ Is Summer Again!

I have Gina Gold with me again to talk some more about the imminent summer, and summer break, one of May issues for Weekly at Vivi’s.

Gina Gold is a Bay Area based performer, eco-feminist, animal & women’s rights activist, and author.
Her true stories have been featured on NPR, Snap Judgment radio, and Radiotopia. 
For the last few years she has been touring in a comedy show called You’re Funny, But You Don’t Look Jewish as well as hosting her own live storytelling series, TMI.
Motivated by her daughter and her friend Barbara (one of the characters in her book) she started a plant-based diet and decided to fight for the rights of animals.
Emergence is Gold’s first novel and the first of a three part series called Blue Ormus about supernatural strippers who battle evil and fight for the equality of all living beings.  

It’s summer again!

Thank you so much Viviana for having me again as a guest!

The shelter in place certainly has changed my summer plans. I have been thinking of this time as an opportunity to replenish and renew myself and have picked up my meditation practice and even attended a few zoom dance parties. But by the end of May my daughter will be out of online school and I am determined to keep her from watching hours of Netflix. 

As I looked around for answers, I realized that I live in the Bay Area, California and my house is surrounded by trees but I don’t really utilize the space. There are beautiful birds all around and wild turkeys come to my yard throughout the day to eat the birdseed. Last week I pulled the sleeping bags and lanterns out of the shed and dusted them off. My small upstairs deck just became a campsite. We can sleep outside at night and drive to Marin during the day to take a walk on one of the open trails. We can pack a lunch and even stop for a picnic. 

I’ve been wanting to start a garden but haven’t gotten around to it so May is the month! I ordered easy assemble fabric raised garden beds from Amazon and a ton of soil from my local nursery. My daughter and I will plant tomatoes, lettuce, kale, and other veggies. I also ordered a dehydrator as we are big fans of kale chips. There are also plum trees all around the yard and I look forward to learning how to make jam. This will also mean fewer trips to the grocery store which is a big plus! This is an opportunity to do all of the things that have been on my list but wasn’t motivated to do. I am hoping to use this time to practice mindfulness and gratitude for all that I have been given.

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Gina is bringing with her latest short story: Emergence: Blue Ormus by Gina Gold released a couple of weeks back in the young adult, short reads, superhero genre.

A young woman discovers a superpower running through her veins that renders her so empathic she can tune into the pain of others and help to empower them.

Emergence is the first book in the three part Blue Ormus series about supernatural strippers who battle evil and fight for the equality of all living beings. Blue Ormus inspires all women (including women from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and of different sexual orientations and gender expressions) to step into their hidden potential and become their own superheroes.

Grab the excerpt from the Amazon Link.

And if you want to keep in touch with Gina, here’s where to find her:




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