On Tour with Audiobook The Girl From Whitfield Hall by Pete Harrison, narrated by Christine Rendel, Meet the Character, and Dream Cast

As a loyal Lady Oscar (animated series from the ’80, anybody?) I can’t not like this book.

The Girl From Whitfield Hall by Pete Harrison, narrated by Christine Rendel, released last year in the Mystery genre.

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Emily stood in front of a full length mirror in her well-appointed Camberwell apartment. She turned sideways on and looked over her shoulder before doing the same the other side.

“Anna, do you think I could pass for a man?”

Emily was nearly six feet tall; she wasn’t fat but was definitely solidly built. Her small breasts and wide hips showed her to definitely be a woman.

“Whatever do you mean miss?”

“Well if I bound my chest, padded my stomach a little and wore a man’s suit, with all my hair cut off, do you think I would look like a man?”

“Why ever would you want to do that miss?”

Anna was never surprised by anything her mistress said, she was always unpredictable and had some very funny notions.

“I’m going to dress as a man and pass myself off as a detective in the London police force. I’m never going to get anywhere as a woman”.

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Hi Emily, and thank you for being here. Do you consider yourself to be a strong willed person?

Definitely, I know what I want and I know how to get it.

How close was your relationship with your brother?

I was initially very worried about Peter when he first went into the war but I worried about him less as he was not in the trenches and he seemed to be trying to take care of himself. When he got into trouble, obviously I knew he didn’t do it but I also knew that he was too nice a person to adequately defend himself. He needed his sister to sort himself out.

Are you a ‘sexual’ person?

It’s the 1920’s for god sake; we have just been through the war to end all wars. I want to live life to the full sample everything that life holds. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone I want to explore my own sexuality. So yes.

Would you say that you were upper class?

I was born upper class but my values are working class. I abhor these people that think they have a god given right to be and act superior to other people just due to an accident of birth.

Do you think your brother has changed?

Since he met Lady Rebecca you mean, yes definitely, he’s grown up, she has changed him completely but then she is an exceptional person, anyone who comes into contact with her is changed forever. I envy her in many ways and aspire to be like her. She is a powerhouse.

What happened to Dickie?

Dear Richard Forsyth, many people ask me the same question.

Did you enjoy your time in the police force?

Yes I rather think I did. It was something I was good at, I would have gone far had I been a man.

What are your plans now?

I’d like to travel some more. There’s lot’s of new places to discover and lots of interesting people to meet.

Joe Dempsie     Peter

Rupert Grint     Harold 

Russell Tovey    Jimmy

Dan Stevens      Dickie

Nicholas Holt    Garrel

Jean Reno         Jean Benard

Saoirse Ronan   Anna

Emma Watson  Emily

Kara Tointon     Lady Rebecca

Maisie Williams             Lynette

Catherine Deneuve       Madam Defarge


About the Author: Pete Harrison

One time Telecoms engineer with a second career as a Racecourse Bookmaker, now retired and pursuing his love of the Theatre by becoming involved as a theatre technician he now heads up the sound department at the Loft Theatre, a highly regarded semi professional theatre in Leamington Spa. Varied interests include horse racing and all sports, WW1, music and theatre. The girl from Whitfield Hall, his first novel has ignited a passion for storytelling.


About the Narrator: Christine Rendel

Christine Rendel is a British-born freelance audiobook narrator/producer and voice talent. She has narrated and produced over 40 fiction and non-fiction audiobooks. Genres include mystery, romance, children, young adult, science fiction, humor, history, biography, training and educational manuals and medical narration. Extensive medical background.

Represented as a voice actor by CESD Talent Agency NYC

Over 13 years experience in radio and broadcast production.

As an actor, performed in her native Britain, internationally and in New York Off and Off-Off-Broadway, on film and TV, and has numerous TV, radio, multi-media and industrial credits.

Founding member of the Anglo-American theater company Mind The Gap Theatre, and a member of SAG-AFTRA, APA and AEA.



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