Weekly at Vivi’s with Lorelei Confer ~ There’s April, and Then There’s This April

For this Weekly at Vivi’s, I’m happy to talk with Lorelei Confer and see how she’s managing this very unusual April.

Lorelei lives on a peninsula in the mid-west coast of Florida with her high school sweetheart, now husband, and AJ, her longhaired Chihuahua.

In the fourth grade, she wrote her first story—something about getting a shot at the doctors—that was produced by the teacher for parents and students in an assembly. When she was older, she spilled her guts in a journal every night and wrote long newsy love letters to Viet Nam.

She is a multi-published author of romantic suspense with two series: The Deadly series and the Saddle Creek series. She also has written numerous novellas and short stories.

There’s April, and Then There’s This April

by Lorelei Confer

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you healthy, self-isolating and so, so sick of your family. I’m right along with you. Even though my husband and I are empty nesters we’ve been together over fifty years, married fifty years in May 2020. I pretty much can finish his sentences and

When I think of April I think of new buds on the trees, crocuses popping up through the ground, tulips, hyacinths among many other spring plants depending where in the country you live. I think of a newness, a rebirth; the cold air is gone, and the warm air arrives, grass turns from frozen brown to growing green, garden soil is worked ready for the new seeds for new plant growths, baby animals are born, i.e. ducks, chicks, calves and foals.  It’s a newness that’s the same but different every year. Some family members are gone, no longer among the living, and infants have been born into the same but different family circle. So many changes, so much to look forward to and plan for throughout the coming year. The end of a school year, June weddings, patriotic celebrations and fireworks, and then the beginning of another school year and fall. Soon winter will be upon us yet there have been so many changes. And we go on….

If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a country girl, born and raised in rural Pennsylvania in the 50’s, (I know I’m old) but moved to Florida in 1980. Growing up on a self-sustaining farm I learned how to improvise, make do with what we had, which may or may not come in handy with what’s happening in our country/world right now. But we always go on….

When I married in 1970 my grandmother hand wrote a small steno book of all her homemade recipes that she’d grown up on and passed down to her children and now her grandchildren. I have used it a lot over the years and still look through it for something different before going to the Internet. I’ve used her cucumber and onion salad and Harvard beets recipes at least once every two weeks. They’re standbys.

My parents loved what I called weeds; asparagus, rhubarb, red beet greens, and dandelion to mention a few; it’s what’s in the ever-popular spring mix. My mother, every spring would take a small shovel and a pail out in the yard and dig up dandelion greens before they bloomed. There was only a small window to pick it at the right time. Then she would make a Hot Bacon Dressing and pour over the vile weeds. It smelled good, wasn’t one of my favorites but it was for supper and everyone had to eat it.

Dandelion or Hot Lettuce:

4 C. Dandelions                                   2 T. sugar

4 slices Bacon                                     3 T. Vinegar

1 egg slightly beaten                           2 T. Water

4 T. Bacon fat                                      4 T. chopped onion (if desired)

Fry bacon crisp, mix beaten egg, vinegar, sugar, water, and bacon fat, chopped onion and bacon. Bring to a boil and pour over dandelion or lettuce. (We grew leaf lettuce in the garden and by the time the dandelion was over the leaf lettuce was just the right size.)

If/when you try this recipe please let me know what you thought about it. You can email me at: loreleiconfer@gmail.com

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And here’s Lorelei’s story, A Cowboy’s Sweet Spot.

 Janelle Franklin arrives in Saddle Creek, WY for a relaxing visit with her childhood friend and new mother. She also wants to fine-tune a secret passion, baking. But when she meets ranch manager, Carter Weaver, passion takes on a whole new meaning.

Carter excels at horse breeding but has a dark past that haunts him. When he meets Janelle, a woman he‘s comfortable with, sparks fly. But his past thwarts their future together and after a heated debate, Janelle leaves without a word taking his heart with her.

When she calls him out of the blue, he rushes to meet her. But will she accept him with his past? Or will they both have to sacrifice a loveless future?

Lorelei loves to hear from her readers so if you want to stay “in the know” visit her website, sign up for her newsletters and contact her. You can stalk her here:

Website:  www.loreleiconfer.com

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Backlists – Deadly series and the Saddle Creek series and can be found here:  https://www.amazon.com/Lorelei-Confer/e/B004HX4G6K/

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