Give It Up For The Weekend with Laura Haley-McNeil ~ Book Review

I think one of the biggest things for an author is when another author loves your book. Heaven knows if we, authors, are high-maintenance readers, so it’s a big kick when this happens. Read on to see which book Laura Haley-McNeil loved reading recently.

Laura received degrees in Spanish and German from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She taught Spanish and then worked in the Western History Department of the Denver Public Library translating the correspondence of Bishop Joseph Machebeuf.

After moving to San Diego, she worked as the accountant for a Christian television station, then transferred to Hardin, Montana, and performed technical production for the television station there.

She returned to Denver and supervised accounting departments for a title company and a stock brokerage firm. During this time, she renovated homes, bought and managed several residential properties and obtained a real estate license. She has also worked as the property manager overseeing five business office complexes, high-rise office buildings and producing newsletters and marketing material.

She is an accomplished ballet dancer having studied and performed in that area for more than twenty years and has studied piano for over forty years. Musical studies also include violin and organ. She has been on the board of directors of two Colorado orchestras and is a past member of the American Liszt Society.

Several of her short stories have been published in national magazines, and she has written book reviews for Book Lover’s Magazine. She is the author of the Crystal Creek Series, the Beaumont Brides Series and the Christmas Billionaires Series.

Amanda Quick’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much

by Laura Haley-McNeil

Hi, Viviana! Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog. I’m very excited to be here!

I wanted to share with your audience a book I recently read. I love it when I find a book featuring larger-than-life heroes and heroines who have their own agendas but as they grow closer together, they have to make a choice. Which is more important to them? Their goals or being with the person who consumes their every thought?

I found such a book in Amanda Quick’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much. This is Jayne Ann Krentz’s pseudonym for her historical novels. I’ve been a fan of Jayne Ann Krentz’s for years and when I discovered her new series with a 1930s Hollywood backdrop, I knew I’d love these stories. This is the perfect book for me to read because my new release, Call It Love, is a Hollywood romance.

When Irene, the main character, learns the secret of her deceased employer, someone wants her dead and she runs for her life and ends up in California. There, she changes her name and her profession and becomes a reporter for a Hollywood rag. Determined to learn the secret of Hollywood’s leading man, she follows a tip to the exclusive Burning Cove Hotel north of Los Angeles, and finds herself staring down at a beautiful actress’ floating corpse in the hotel pool. Why was she murdered, and what secret did she take secret about Hollywood’s up and coming star did she take to her grave?
Irene follows the clues and meets the once famous magician Oliver Ward, now owner of the Burning Cove Hotel. As she works to uncover the secrets of Burning Cove, she learns that Oliver has a few of his own but they join forces. One problem, Oliver’s guarded past pits them against an evil that will stop at nothing to guarantee their destruction.

Jayne Ann Krentz can paint vivid pictures with very few words. She keeps the pace moving. The Girl Who Knew Too Much will keep you turning the pages until you realize that you’ve stayed up all night, because you had to know what happened next.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of this book and read the other books in this series. These are great books to devour over a weekend!

Click to download this book today!

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Also, she brought us the latest book in her series: Call It Love (Beaumont Brides Book 3) by Laura Haley-McNeil released Tuesday in the New adult, Clean Romance genre. And remember, take advantage of that Amazon free preview (click on the cover to go there), to take a bite of this story.

A kiss isn’t just a kiss. Struggling actress Addison Duvall hustles background acting jobs at the Hollywood studios in hopes for her big break. When she’s cast as the stand in for the lead actress in a blockbuster spy film, she can’t believe her luck. The surprises rush in―her first test shot is with Hollywood heartthrob Spencer Kingsley. Her even bigger surprise is when the director yells, “Action!”  and Spencer presses his lips to hers in a kiss.

Behind Spencer’s Hollywood façade hides the secret pain no one suspects. He’s the first to take a risk except when it comes to his heart. He can’t deny he and Addison have chemistry―chemistry onscreen and off―and he’s  tempted to lower his guard. She seems real, not like the women he usually meets.

Once Addison’s star rises, so do Spencer’s doubts. She’s no different than the others looking for the connection to catapult their careers. He won’t let another woman damage his heart. His decision made, Spencer wishes her success.

But it’s already too late. How does he heal this Addison shaped hole in his heart? Should he risk more heartbreak for another chance at love?

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