Give it Up For the Weekend with Colleen Becker

Today, for Give it Up For the Weekend, Colleen Becker is back and man, the activity she’s talking about is so interesting!

A resident of Bridgeport, WV, C. Coleen earned a B.S. degree in Medical Technology and MT (ASCP) certification in Pennsylvania. She has worked in clinical settings analyzing body fluids and testing drugs of abuse. As an author, C. Becker has published multiple stories in various genres.

And today, she’s daring us to Escape Rooms.

For a fun time bonding with family and friends this weekend, I recommend trying out an Escape Room. I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to them. If you are unfamiliar with the game, Escape Rooms are a fun activity where your group is “locked” in a room and you have one hour to solve puzzles and clues to free yourself. The themes differ with each place. I’ve tried Big Foot in Pennsylvania, a Tiki Bar Mystery in Hawaii, Excalibur in Florida, Murder Mysteries in South Carolina, and Time Machines in West Virginia. Businesses will rotate the themes so people can continue to take part in a new game.

I like the game because of the mystery involved, but I also enjoy watching my husband and four children work together for a common goal. Of course, playing the game is that much sweeter if you win and escape within the time limit. It’s impossible to describe what you’ll experience because there are so many different themes and puzzles, but come prepared to look for clues the moment you enter the room. The rooms I’ve experienced have multiple locks, some with 3-5 number possibilities. Some locks have arrows and others use letters.

The games are setup as vertical (where one clue leads to the next clue) or spread out horizontally (where players find multiple clues in any order and then solve them). Personally, I find that time is wasted with vertical setups because you’re standing around, idle, before moving to the next clue.

I’ve seen Escape Room board games that can be played at home, but I haven’t tried them yet. If you are a teacher, there are even ways to incorporate Escape Rooms in your students’ lessons. If you have the time this weekend, find your nearest Escape Room, schedule an appointment, and head out for some genuine fun!

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Coleen brings with her her book Euphoria, in case you want something to read while you try to escape.

Euphoria by C. Becker released in March in the Medical Thriller genre.

Hailey Langley refuses to be a victim and has moved on from her traumatic past. But her marriage problems worsen when a deadly illicit drug threatens to draw her into the life she left behind.

Mark Langley has allowed his job to interfere with his marriage, but he never suspected the secrets in Hailey’s past might hold the key to solving both of his current investigations.

Together, they must unravel the mystery of the drug called Euphoria and find a way to save not only their marriage, but countless lives, before it’s too late.

Only 99 cents!

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Her hands squeezed into tight fists. The urge was unbearable. “I wouldn’t tell her.”

Parker ran a hand through his hair. “Argh! Don’t you understand? She’d take one look at your face and know the truth. Don’t forget, you’re the one who wanted us to protect him.”

She stood. “Well, you did a hell of a fine job, didn’t you? You divorced Grace and deserted him. Parenting takes sacrifice, Parker. You were too busy changing careers, and now he’s messed up with drugs. How did that protect him?”

Standing, he reached for her.

“No. You stay away from me.” She extended her hands and backed up a step. “Justin’s dying! Dying, Parker! And I don’t know him…You won’t let me see my own son.”

He wrapped his arms around her.

She pushed him, pummeling her fists against his chest with all her strength.

He silently took his beating.

“Why did I do it? Why did I ever give him up?” She searched his face. Finding no answers, she rested her head against him and let him hold her. A dozen daggers stabbed her core. “Oh, Parker. It hurts so much. I missed his whole life. What if I lose him forever?” With as much force as she could muster, she scraped her nails deep across her hands.

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