Impossible You (Players To Men #2) by Georgia Lynn Hunter, My Review, and Meet the Author

Read this book when you don’t mind losing sleep because you must read another chapter.

I’m in trouble… 
Two impossible males—the rich as sin Jack Griffin and Wilbur, the cranky feline—have latched onto me and won’t let go. One is eating me out of my dorm, the other ruins my carefully organized one-night stand for the elusive O.
As tempting as Jack is with his wicked smile and sexy body, my plans for the future don’t include the notorious former player. Then, with a single, smoking kiss, he storms his way into my life with promises of pleasure. But I’m not the woman for him…even if I want to be. Our worlds are just too far apart.

One kiss was all it took for me to fall…
And the woman who knocks me off my axis is annoyingly dismissive of me. Because in Rayen Logan’s world, I don’t exist, a fact I damn-well intend to change. Her plan to attain her first O has my name on it, and she will be mine in every other way too…as soon as I can convince the difficult woman to let me prove that my player days are done. Nothing will stand in my way of getting what I want, not even Ray herself.

Just when I think maybe we have a chance at a relationship, a life-long nemesis intrudes, determined to destroy the tenuous bonds forming between us…

Another great book from Georgia.

Let’s talk characters for a moment.


Usually, it’s harder for me to stick to and finish a book because of the Heroine. 90% of the times I read, unashamedly, because of the Hero. But Ray … man, I loved her. She’s quirky, without being unbelievable. Big mouthed, without being rude. Aggressive, without being a woman who believes that being self-assured and cool means acting like a man. She hits that sweet spot between being her own woman and maintaining enough doubts to feel real.

Plus, being a busy body myself, I sympathize with her and her constant… twirling.


I liked him for the same reasons I liked the other men in this series: they define “money is not rich”. They embody privilege, with their big last names and bigger bank accounts. It’s the kind of combo that opens 99.9% of doors. Yet, they are not simply unhappy. They are all miserable and lost, looking for something that’s always out of reach – belonging.

In Jack’s case, my liking him went proportionally along how much I hated the grandmother from hell.  I mean, Jesus, when he finally put her in her place (with such finesse and cunning) I wanted to jump on the couch and clap, giving him a well-deserved standing ovation.

Jack has a superb arch, and experiencing it through his own eyes and mind is worth the sleepless nights.

The story.

It unfolds in an organic and logical way, but that’s normal for Georgia’s books. Possibly because she’s not afraid to follow the characters and respects their essence, the good and the bad.

The result is another great story that lets you deeply satisfied.

PS: A word about Georgia’s first person POV.  I said that, and I’m standing by my words: she mastered this writing style and to me, is a gift by itself.

I usually don’t like it because the Hero and Heroine end up, invariably, sounding like one another. Or are put on the opposite side of the spectrum, where they become caricatures of themselves. Well, not with Georgia. You know, with no doubts, who you are with since the first line of each chapter.

It’s a 5 Stars with zero doubts.

The Author

Georgia Lyn Hunter loves to create characters who’ll take you to the far and beyond to unforgettable adventures, steamy encounters and heart-stopping love stories…

She grew up in the sultry climate of South Africa and currently lives in the Middle East with her family. An avid reader from a young age, she devoured every book she got her hands on. When she’s not writing or plotting her next novel, she loves trolling flea markets and buying things she’d never use ( because they’re so pretty,) traveling, painting, and being with her wonderfully supportive family.

The Players To Men Series

By Georgia Lynn Hunter

Viv loves putting me in a jam. LOL.

Why did I write this series?

Well, I wrote this mostly to get my mind back on track. My paranormal series (the Fallen Guardians and Warlords of Empyrea) can be real heavy writing and emotionally draining. I wanted to write something totally different, something lighter to clear my head and soul—ah!

Light? As if.

Yep, I when straight back on the emotional rollercoaster machine again.

But this time, it turned out so much closer to home and my heart then I anticipated. I guess it was on my mind in a way. (And I love the idea that love conquers anything if you’re prepared to fight for it.)

My late mom, she battled all her life with the illnesses, Ila and Ray’s mother (the heroines from Breathless and Impossible You) suffered. And my late dad was her pillar of strength. A lot of their interaction is reflected in the story.

But while writing Breathless, my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack. He’d always been so strong and it shook us. Sadly, my mom passed a few months after him.

In a way, this series, the first two books, is my ode to them.

She’d love to hear from readers.  
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