On Tour with New Release The Prophecy by Erin Pemberton and Meet the Author

I see the cover, and I want to yell, “You go, girl!”. It’s so powerful. Also, I loved the chat with author Erin.

The Prophecy by Erin Pemberton released yesterday in the Young Adult Fantasy genre.

In a land plagued by war, King Dorvin and Queen Shiara are expecting their first child. They are excited until the good fairies tell of a prophecy; that their daughter is the key to winning the war against the Shadow tribes. To protect her, mages of the kingdom create a tower to keep her and her guardian hidden until her eighteenth birthday. When Ella turns 18 she leaves the tower, only to find that her parents are dead and the Shadow tribes now control the kingdom. Trained as a warrior, and aided by the good fairies, Ella must now bring her subjects together and prepare for the final war.


“If you don’t tell me your name, you’ll find out the hard way,” Ella responded calmly even though butterflies were carrying out their own battle in her stomach. The magic was showing her just how far she could throw him with its use. She was beginning to think of it as a whole separate entity within her mind.

Just as she pulled her arm back in preparation of launching him through the night sky, he shouted “Erek! I’m called Erek.”

Ella, bemused, smiled serenely at him as she placed him none too gently back on the ground. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

Erek mumbled something under his breath but made no attempt to say anything else.

“What are we going to do with him?” Ella asked, turning to look at Tia.

Tia, ignoring Ella’s question, took a step closer to Erek, grabbed the rope that bound him, and pulled him toward her. “What do you mean we’re trespassing on your land? This land belongs to Dorvin, king of Fablina,” she hissed, apparently taking care to spit in his face as she talked.

The ugly smirk appeared on his otherwise handsome face, a mirthless laugh consuming him. “My tribe killed and replaced your king seventeen years ago. This land belongs to the Shadow tribes, and you are as good as dead.” 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’m just a small town girl, living in Ohio and making up worlds for my characters to live in. A preschool teacher by day, I live with my amazing husband while dreaming of walking hand in hand with him on the beach just searching for seashells. Together, we have five incredible kids, who are starting to make their way in this world as they take on college, high school, and elementary school. I love Christmas, the beach, seashells, painting, reading anything fantasy related, and in my very little spare time, creating new worlds for others to enjoy.

Erin, as I read the synopsis, two fairy tales came to my mind. Sleeping Beauty, with the Princess forced to living away from her family for her safety, and Rapunzel, because she’s stuck in a tower. Is any of them behind the inspiration for The Prophecy?

That’s a very good question! Actually, the only fairy tale that came to mind when I was writing this was Rapunzel. I didn’t even consider Sleeping Beauty until after you mentioned the tale in your original question. I can definitely see how it would relate to this story though!

When I first started considering another topic to write about, I had no idea where I wanted to go until I started watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with my boys one night. Suddenly, the idea of completely redoing my own fairy tale sounded like a really good one. It went right along with the current theme of the day, which was indeed making the old fairy tales new. I chose Rapunzel because it was always a story that I enjoyed as a child. I could remember being fascinated with a woman who could grow her hair so incredibly long. As a young girl who struggled to get her hair to grow past her shoulders, having long hair was extremely appealing to me. Isn’t it funny the things that we desired as a child? Now, I’d like to keep my hair shorter! But I digress.

From there, the story grew and I developed a new race to be the bad guys in this tale. I created twists and turns, because I like a book that surprises you even at the end. In fact, most of my books are cliff hangers. I think this is one of the first that I’ve done that hasn’t been one. I even threw in the three good fairies, which now that I think about it, are from Sleeping Beauty as well. So even though I didn’t intentionally try to blend the two stories, it looks as if that’s exactly what happened!



Author’s website:  https://july2219812.wixsite.com/epemberton

This post is part of a Tour.  The tour dates can be found here: https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2020/02/vbt-prophecy-by-erin-pemberton.html 


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