Metaphoria by Melinda Longtin

I rarely post poetry. I actually only had one poetry book until now but this one… Maybe it’s the title, maybe it’s the author’s story and how this collection came to life. I don’t know, but I liked it.

Metaphoria by Melinda Longtin released in January in the Poetry genre.

Collecting seashells Off the sands of time, I race to Grandfather Clock.





My broken shells are gone.

The beach is empty.




But salt and canvas.

What new life

Can I create?

Blood is Wine

I wish I was a canary Trapped in a cage, But I’m not. That suggests elegance-Some beauty left.

But there isn’t. Reality. Hysteria.

I am in a prison. Metal rusted. Bars bent. Buried in a pit.

He turned my hands To slugs, My feet to spiders.

Drenched in his deeds, I am weighed down. Tainted by venom. All of my company Is a snake, So starving, It devoured me And itself.

Chewed and shed itself whole. The only remains In this awful pit, Are raw and honest. Bones and skins. Hollowed eyes, And bloody goblets Of wine he drinks While he chuckles Amused by his work.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Melinda Longtin is the founder of inspirwing, a professional development blog focused on helping people pursue their dreams. Inspired by her own recovery as a survivor of domestic abuse, Metaphoria started out as a private attempt to organize her emotions.  However, it quickly evolved into drastic personal growth as well as her passion for assisting others. A previously published poet and successful educator, Melinda lives life to the fullest in the American Northeast with her soulmate and their cat. Chase your dreams too at







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