On Tour with Finding Jackson by Anne Holster and Meet the Author

I loved this because it’s not only the story of a person, or a couple, but of a family. It’s not going to be an easy ride.

Finding Jackson by Anne Holster released at the end of October in the New Adult Romance genre.

It’s 1977 – Star Wars is breaking records at the box office, Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run tour is taking the country by storm, and born-and-bred Jersey girl Annalise Keller has fallen in love for the first and last time. Hot and charismatic with dreams of making it as a rock star, Keith “Ace” Foxx is everything a teenage girl dreams of. He falls as hard for Anna as she does for him and the two decide to run off to California in search of his big break. Fate has other plans though, and several years and three kids later, Ace has traded in his guitar for a job at the local post office and Anna has become a symbol of all he has given up. Ace spends most nights at the local bar, trying to drink away his anger and resentment.

Flash forward a decade, and their youngest child, Jackson, is headed nowhere fast. In a life filled with meaningless jobs and too much partying, music is his only true escape from the pain of a childhood that abruptly ended one rainy night. The accident had destroyed his family and left him with a slew of unanswered questions.

Everything changes the night Jackson meets Leah. Shy and reserved, she doesn’t smoke and barely drinks; she certainly doesn’t put out. Not exactly the girl from the Bon Jovi videos he watched as a kid. Yet, before he knows it, she has become his world.

Then, just when it looks like his dreams might come true, betrayal and loss once again threaten everything he holds dear. As Jackson struggles to keep his world from spinning out of control, he knows one thing for sure, the choices he makes now will either be the start of a whole new life, or it just might be the end of him.

It was Halloween the first time I laid eyes on him. I’ll never forget it because Halloween had always been my favorite holiday, maybe because for some reason I was allowed to run wild. Things I’d never get away with were suddenly okay to do on Halloween. For instance, staying out after dark or eating candy before dinner, dressing inappropriately, and by inappropriately, I mean going out without a coat when the weather dipped below fifty degrees. Things you think are cool when you’re ten years old, which was how old I was that year. Most people may not clearly remember their tenth Halloween, but I do and with very good reason, because it was the day I fell in love. You might think it crazy for a fifth grader to arrive home after a night of trick-or-treating and announce that she’s in love and you probably wouldn’t be the only one, but that’s exactly what I did – and I was totally serious.

It was dusk, and the air was electric with excitement. It had been a lucrative afternoon and my three friends and I had split up just long enough to empty our bags of candy, grab something to eat, then regroup in an hour to hit the other side of town. Not wanting to waste any time I decided to cut through the woods by my house, something I didn’t usually do with darkness approaching. It was a fateful decision that would end up altering the course of my life.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Anne Holster resides in Northern New Jersey with her husband and two children. When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis and reading angsty romance novels. She is currently working on her fourth book.

Hi Anne, and thank you for being here with us today!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

That’s an easy one! My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road! It’s got it all – nuts, marshmallows, fudge and best of all chocolate ice cream!

First book you remember making an indelible impression on you.

‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ by Maya Angelou was the first book that I can remember leaving a real impression on me. The book was originally published in 1969 – way before my time – and it’s an autobiography describing the early years of American writer and poet Maya Angelou.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

As far as my plots go, they always start out very vague. I’ll start out with a simple scene. In ‘Finding Jackson’ that scene was where Leah and Jackson first meet at the party. After I have that first scene, I sort of let the story slowly develop from there. I guess you could say I let the characters lead the way.

Describe your writing space.

Wow, that’s an easy one because I don’t have a ‘writing space’ per se. I always have my laptop in tow so whenever I have a spare moment, I just open it up and start typing. I could be home, or on my lunch break at work or at one of my son’s many all day track meets!



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    • Hi Bernie! My character names just come to me out of the blue and nine times out of ten I go with it. I rarely change a characters name after I’m started. Great question!

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  1. WOW, love the cover, love the storyline, i’m putting this one on my ‘To-Read’ list for sure. Also, good call with the rocky road ice-cream, couldn’t agree more!!

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