Audiobook Tour: A Texan Goes To Nirvana written and narrated by Kelly Jackson and Meet the Author

it promises what I always enjoy: a good laugh.

A Texan Goes To Nirvana, written and narrated by  Kelly Jackson released in July in the Humor genre.

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Yoga has finally come off her high horse to reveal doubters, sufferers, and cynics. This is the story of one woman’s comic misadventures at the ashram from hell.

Wendy Tate finds herself at a yoga ashram for teacher training, which sounds like a nice, new adventure to her. She’ll have to put on a nicotine patch and give up her daily 5 pm martini. Pish Posh. What could happen? Little does she know, there are characters in and out of the ashram that turn her goals inside out, but she gets to keep her healthy skepticism.

About the Author/Narrator: Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson is a SAG/AFTRA-affiliated actor and comedienne, and as such, she loves idealizing characters in the books that she narrates.  Kelly and her sister are also bloggers known as The Midlife Gals Gone Gray. That’s how this whole thing got started. They choose a topic and then annihilate it through two hilariously disparate points of view.  Kelly wrote a book, A Texan Goes to Nirvana, and wanted to narrate it herself. That’s how that got started. When not writing and narrating, Kelly has a ‘death grip on the control panel’ as a Senior Executive Assistant/Girl Friday to CEOs.  Although a Texan by birth, Kelly and her sister live in Hawaii and enjoy a regular yoga practice, movies, swimming and oddbody watching at nearby beaches. Aloha! Proud member of SAG/AFTRA

From the author Kelly Jackson

I’m already attracted to all of the audiobook listeners who will love A Texan Goes to Nirvana because, well why wouldn’t I be?  Were I to run across a title like that on Audible, especially being a native Texan, the title alone would make me spit up some laughter and cause me to wonder why in the hell a Texan would want to go to Nirvana in the first place.  And, you’re curious, aren’t you?  I’d be fairly certain that some insanity and hilarity would ensue on the protagonist’s way to enlightenment, so I’d put that audiobook right in my ‘cart’ and check out!

When one thinks of Nirvana, a Texan is not the first seeker who might come to mind.  Maybe I could see a Vermonter…Vermontan…Vermontinian, oh hell…you know who you are, and you would go to an ashram sooner than I, wouldn’t you?

There is a dichotomy twixt Texans and ashrams.  That’s like putting okra in curry.  Nobody puts okra in curry…oops, I just Googled that, and damned if I didn’t immediately run up against a recipe for curried okra.  Yuck!

Know that this nutty, comic mystery is ‘loosely’ based on an actual hellish month that I spent at a real ashram nestled in the backwoods of Virginia in order to procure a yoga teaching certificate. And, from just reading to this point, you can guess that I might have kept a journal…again, wouldn’t you??  I had packed some serious skepticism in my suitcase, and from that cynical diary sprang Wendy Tate, Mountain, Nanandaji and her swami hoes, hillbillies, the FBI and the Swami man, himself. 

What could go wrong?

Kelly also gave us 10 reasons to listen to A Texan Goes To Nirvana

1- You wonder what Nirvana is.

2- You got a free giveaway code, and you thought…what the hell?

3- One of your friends told you about it, and how it would make a kick-ass movie.

4- You need a break from audiobooks filled with cyborgs, shape shifters and murderous ghouls. 

5- You’d pick a goat yoga class over Hot yoga any day.

6- You want and/or need a good guffaw.

7- You’re more interested in yoga for smokers, drinkers, meat-eaters and non-believers.

8- You need a laugh on the train from New York to D.C. to steel yourself for the conference on business cycles and their influence on gen-X’ers.

9- You want to know why anyone would go to an ashram.



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