Give It Up For The Weekend with Cynthia Terelst

For our Give It Up For The Weekend, Cynthia Terelst came over to recommend us this special place: the art gallery in Adelaide!

My daughter and I started our travelling adventures when she was eight. We tried to immerse ourselves in as much history, culture and learning as we could. As such, one of the places we would visit would be art galleries.  I can imagine some of you moaning right now, with the word ‘boring’ flashing in your mind.  Let me tell you, if an art gallery can keep an eight-year-old entertained, it can keep you entertained, too…for hours

I will be first to admit that not all art galleries are created equal. But the art gallery in Adelaide, South Australia impressed as so much, that in the eight months we lived there we visited three times.  Most art galleries offer free admission, special exhibitions usually incur a small charge. You can take a self-guided tour, audio tours, join group tours where you can learn a lot about art or walk around and admire the art without any specific learning.

It can be fun to discuss the art with the people you are with, especially art that falls into what is known as abstract. Even when the art has a title it can be difficult to interpret. As a writer it is important for me to be able to show the reader what my characters can see. Studying art can help with this. We can look at the light in the paintings, the shadows in photographs, the structure of buildings.  I remember looking at one painting and the guide asked how we could tell from that painting if the family was well off. The group ticked off items like fresh fruit on a table, books on a mantle, displayed photographs and the type of furnishings.

Galleries often display art form local artists as well as international artists. One of the local artists we discovered at the gallery was Hans Heysen.  He painted Australian bush scenes.  I particularly like his use of light and muted colours.

Thank you, Cynthia, id does sound lovely! So, you guys, if you’re ever around Adelaide, you know where to go.

Cynthya brought her latest story with her, too:

The Cat’s out of the Bag (Love Down Under), a romantic comedy that released on December 31.

One van. Two hearts. Thousands of kilometres. Jesse’s a self-made billionaire who yearns to get away from his empty life and the money-hungry parasites who inhabit it. The plan? Go to Australia, tell no one about his money and find himself. Instead of finding just himself, he finds Evie, who is everything anyone should aspire to be. Now, what he aspires to be, is hers. But to be hers, he needs to tell her everything.

Evie has left her past behind. She has rebuilt herself, and her life, into one of happiness. After she meets Jesse, while volunteering at a cat shelter, memories of her past filter back in. She is stronger now and wants to trust him. But after all she has been through, is trust even possible?

The quest to find a cat a forever home leads them to travel across the country together. Can the close quarters drive them to open up to each other? Or will it drive them apart?


The wave petered out, and I paddled back to the line-up. Sitting, watching, waiting. The constant breeze in my ears and the sound of waves breaking relaxed me. Lulled by the gentle rise and fall of the swells, I thought about Evie.

She was one of the most complicated people I’d ever met. Whatever she had been through had made her strong and independent. But underneath, she was all doubt. I could see her trying to be brave, but that could change in an instant as her insecurities took over. I felt like it was a fight between Nick and me, and I didn’t even know the guy. I didn’t know how to beat a ghost. But I would. I would figure it out, and I would gain Evie’s trust, bit by bit.

Her. Me. That’s what I would strive for.

Author Bio

Cynthia Terelst is a project officer by day and a writer by night. She is a contemporary romance writer who likes to share a little bit of history, some Australian scenery and a whole lotta love. Cynthia does not shy away from difficult topics, as she feels that they should not be ignored.

She lives in Queensland, Australia, where the sun shines at least 283 days a year.

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